Damage calculation rollover

I'm in the middle of an exceptionally lucky run with an iron man carry at the moment, and I've run into an unusual problem. My tower is frequently doing negative damage. I'm guessing the damage calculation is rolling over?The mob's health bar will never visibly diminish, staying at full health the whole time the tower is shooting at them, until they just die for no apparent reason. Negative damage! Tower stats Also, the drop rate for the Last Train of the Day is definitely lower than everything else, I've gotten several dozen copies of every other item at this point (barring uniques, obviously), and have found exactly 2 trains. This has been a common experience for all of my runs. As a side note, it might be worth capping negative gold gain at -100%, it's kindof odd seeing a creep drop +-350G. EDIT: Almost forgot, I've noticed since 9.10 that when I go into the potion inventory, it shows 1/4 of a common and rare potion already transmuted. These are reset each time I load a save, and as long as they are there, it only takes 1 more potion to transmute either of them, meaning that as long as I'm willing to reload before each transmutation, I can turn all common potions into uncommons at a 1-to-1 trade.

Thanks for reporting! Negative gold gain and negative damage will be adressed in 0.9.3! As for the potion bug, is this always reproducable for you when you start a new game? Because the save game stores the amount of potions you already transmuted, so you do not lose progress when reloading.