Dev kit like YouTD possible? plus tower idea

Any way for some sort of Dev kit like YouTD? Letting the community make items and towers would be cool. Also is it possible to make a tower that when placing it requires 2 Parts placed in 2 different spots with a laser between them? The damage it does depends on distance.

No, at this point no dev kit is planned. But I'm always happy to get new tower/item/potion ideas from the community! Good ideas will be added to the game and credits given to the creator. This way everyone can contribute (not only programmers). It would be possible but it would be two towers I think (not necessarily the same). But then a laser connection could be established between them :-) Any concrete ideas? Because this sounds like something exciting!

I was thinking that the tower would have some kind of laser going from one to another that when ever an enemy walked through it they took consistent wile in the beam. The longer the laser the less DPS it does. Also wondering about a tower like Prisim/Tesla towers in C&C (Command and Conquer) games.

I think this should be possible to implement. Also, the Metropolis element is currently seriously lacking on rare towers! So if you had some name for this guy maybe I can fit this tower into the v0.8 sprint! One more thing to think about is which items/potions are considered when calculation the dps. I'm open to any suggestions! :-)

For which tower? The steady beam or the boucning between towers one? Also had another idea. This tower can only attack ground Tower can not target creeps Tower requires force attacking selected spot on the ground (within range) You can change the towers selected spot within range (## second CD) Tower does AOE damage (Optional) this tower does % less damage for every other tower you controle of the same type

For which tower? The steady beam or the boucning between towers one?
I think, the "some kind of laser going from one to another" is the more interesting one!
Also had another idea.
Unfortunately right now active abilities are not supported yet. Basically because the UI concept to target them is not ready yet :-(

I would almost say give it a flat very fast attack speed (.1?) that attack speed potions wont work on but low damage (5-5 + 5-5 per level?) and I would almost want to say reduced crit damage (total crit damage/2?). This tower would be mostly about using it in a strategic spot. You could even add in a slow or something since the time in which the creeps will actually be hit by it is short. Plus a slow would make it a good support tower as well.