Disappearing inventory slots.

issue: electric chair, with stash master and the set that adds one slot, had 6 total slots. after some series of events, it now has permanently 4 slots. steps to reproduce: 1. have only enough points in stash master for blue cards to have +1 slot. rare cards must not have the additional slot. 2. equip the two items that give the +1 slot on your blue tower 3. replace your blue tower with a yellow tower 4. it's possible you need to have one of the set items on the slot that gets removed from switching to yellow 5. replace your yellow tower with a blue one you should be stuck at 4 slots now on your blue tower unfortunate bug heh! if you can't reproduce using these steps I will try to reproduce it again.

Hi Abbot, thanks for reporting this in. Did saving / restarting the game solve the inventory count again? As a temporary workaround at least. Will look into fixing this asap as soon as I'm back at my PC after christmas.

Always happy to help. Unfortunately, restarting didn't help. Not too worried about it, was just a game for relics. Thanks for looking into it!

Sorry for late reply, but was able to reproduce and fix the issue! Yay :-) Fix will be part of the next update. Thanks for reporting!