Disappearing inventory slots with plasma blade and gt1 robot

First time poster on the forum, and i want to start out by saying excellent update and game overall. The replayability is amazing, its kept me coming back for over a year and the constant updates keep it fresh. But anyway so I noticed when you equip both the plasma blade and gt1 little robot and are under the level requirement (50) it makes one of your inventory slots disappear! To my consternation I equipped them both again and took them off just to make sure and it deleted another inventory slot. I know I won't be making that mistake again, but for those of us who don't read the towers closely maybe make it so they don't have to learn the hard way. Thanks for listening. Addendum: http://imgur.com/oKNpDjD

Hi Muffinman, welcome on Board :-) Thanks for reporting this bug, I added your description to the bugfix ticket for this issue. I will create a fix as soon as I'm back home at my development PC after Christmas!

Sorry for late reply, but was able to reproduce and fix the issue! Yay :-) Fix will be part of the next update. Thanks for reporting!