for the first time in a loooong time i am seriously thinking of uninstalling your game, the reason? It pisses me off...not once, not twice but for the last three months the game is shitting me, sorry for the language but i am so pissed that i would destroy my tablet. Ok...why? Well for the last 3 minths the drop rates are stupid, moronic, annoying and dumb. I am at lvl 183 and the only purple item received was the helm of hades, nothing else...i had a shadow carrie and an iron man made early...didn't waste the potions cause i waited for the rings..,but guess what, no rings, no sceper, no messer, no blade, no excalibur, no gate, by lvl 160 the knux had killed 15 creeps, i repeat 15 and bupy lvl 170 i completed the impatience set...no withered set, no gib, no nothing. At lvl 180 my shadow had 3000 dmg with no pots...i got pissed and put 10 pots of spd, str and crit and the dmg boosted to 40k dmg...can u explain why? Also i was on lvl 130 and had the cacti and 2 golden boots on...he hit in 0.4 seconds...i unloaded the boos and the cacti...i put a dark sword thingie and a helm of hades and by a miracle i was hitting 0.1 seconds...no boots...so i ask u this..,wtf are the rates? If i wanna play 200 rounds, the classic way, what the fuck am i supposed to do with purple items if they drop over lvl 180-190? Also wtf is wrong with the game that it jumps the atk spd and dmg like that? 3 months i kept my mouth shut and tried different combos and 3 months of games that just made fun of me with these stupid rates.

Hi @bampiru, sorry to hear that :-( Looks like you had some very frustrating experience with the game. Was this happening with the 0.9.2 version? Because I haven't changed the drop rates in a pretty long time. One thing I could think of - as you mentioned that you spare potions for the wedding rings. Did you spare the Water of Life potions, too? Because that could really explain the low drop rates, because item chance/quality makes a huge difference there. I always try to max those as soon as possible if I can. Hmm, I figure if you had a Shadow at a high level, he also had some multicrit and then adding those crit/damage potions can definitely make a huge boost. (Have a look at the multicrit calculation) Your experience with Shadow and boots sounds very strange. Were you able to reproduce this once more? Cause I could not reproduce this here. Thanks for your feedback!

this happened these last 3 months, meaning more than 1 version. I used all the potions of life as soon as i got them...but other than that...no rates