Dropping (or not dropping) cards/Level Timing

Hi there! Ive played for years took a break and at it again with new update. Much more challenging for sure. Great work! I am fine with the challenge, it makes it where I have to really pay attention through game (my house chores are piling up lol) Where I struggle is the reliability of cards dropping. My last 2 games 300 waves I recvd my wedding rings about 295 and helm of hades 299. It is very frustrating to spend 3 hours playing a strategy without the tools needed to excel. I get the random dropping of cards is a huge part of the game but some games I dont get all cards from set (ie new nature tree one game and gnesha another). I never remember this from before. Is this a new challenge added in update? Is there a guide or set level when cards drop? Again I am all for the more challenging game just would be so much more enjoyable to know every card from element pack will drop to allow me to plan and be competitive. I got so mad when rings dropped so late in game. Ha! I was like now, really?!? I made it 10 sec in bonus round but did win at least. :) Do not mean to sound negative. The game is great and the time the devs must have put into update is mind blowing. Also noticing the constant maintenance in update. Many bugs that were there are gone now. Woop! Thanks in advance and have a great day!

Yeah yesterday I had a similar problem. Knux did not drop in a 500 wave game. And the nerfed cactus is not really a good compensation... But yeah this is pretty much intentional as Andy said before

Hey nin, thank you so much for the heads up! Every card has an item level, that determines the round from where it is possible to drop. You are right, the method to roll unique drops has been changed compared to versions from a year ago. If this is the amount of possible cards:
["HelmOfHades", "Excalibur", "ScepterOfTime"]
Let's say you rolled Helm of Hades drop. In the old days the possible drops changed to:
["Excalibur", "ScepterOfTime"]
So the next unique drop would be either Excalibur or Scepter. Today, the possible cards stay the same, so it can happen you roll a unique drop that you already got (e.g. Helm of Hades). Then instead of that unique you roll an item of the next lower rarity (rare). I think the problem with the current approach is, the more unique items become available, the less likely it becomes to get all of them, maybe that's what is leading to more and more RNG frustration.

How is it decided that you get the unique in the first place? Is it just something like 20% common 30% uncommon 30% rare 20% unique and then it is decided which item or is it a 1% chance for Helm in the first place. Also is it the same for towers? (Numbers are just for illustration)

It is a certain chance for a unique item to drop, that chance increases slightly with every round.

This could mean both.:)

Oh I see. Yeah first the rarity is rolled, then the item/tower/potion of that rarity. Sorry, I wasn't reading carefully :-)

Im sorry but this is getting worst, as we all know some unique are a must have, n some of them need to get asap to build up. If we dont have any control whatsoever (forget about water of life potion, coz all rng) then this game not a strategy game anymore, its a roulette game. all based on luck. Ofc even roulette game have a math behind it, but the odds are againts player. Why not every challange have at least 50% chance to drop unique? Or even better we have a choice which card we want to bring. just like tcg or ccg game. Ofc theres a rule.

This game always was based on luck. This has not changed, just the chances got worse. I had a 500 wave game without Ganesha for example. So towers might be a bit hard especially if you a have a certain plan. Items are just a matter of time as goblins will help you get items.

In the current meta (Yggdrasil 5xbranch strategy), I always solo nature to be sure I get the legendary cards I NEED. Also, nature is currently really good in general. All towers can use the multicrit and extra xp. Other races have one or more situational legendary towers, so I choose the one I need the most. Metropolis for Ironman, Darkness for Forge/Knusper/... And so on. You cannot get all the ones you want, but you can channel the focus towards a certain strategy. Items on the other hand is really hard to get right.

I agree with you on items. I'm wondering if a wizard skill would help, where you can specify what unique/legendary cards you do not want to be dropped. Or maybe a deck of unique/legendary items you need to choose to bring to the game.

Mid game is the toughest Party of the game compared to earlier versions definitely... I suggest to bind several key Items to the horseman or challenges as for example the scepter which Drops for sure after Wave 200... E.g. Plasma Blade to lv. 150 horseman latest, dungeon door to lv. 100, ofc just if the Item hasn't dropped so far... for non unique items it would be also Great if beaten challenges drop definitely at least 1 standard set item from norl, timeset or the NEW set until Wave 49... Or change the mechanic of some unique items so that those Items Drop either by kill or by transmute rare drops some times instead of potions... For those items I'd recommend the following to drop asap: Excalibur Dungeon Door Armor of a fat Knight Seelenreisser Wedding rings Plasma Blade as soon you hit lv 50 For towers: some are quite Essential for a good run otherwise you have hard times to even survive past Wave 240, depends in potion luck ofc as well... Which are definitely Knusperhexe, Manitou and Ganesha... if you are heading for a darkness carry, abyss king is Essential asap as well, as rainbow unicorn might be for metro - Blofeld carry to build up high interest early.

I understand the sentiment, but that would make the game fairly easy. I am not in favor of this.

Not all of those suggestions should be implemented, but at least one of those will make the game far less frustrating than it is at the moment... Normally, I quit 4 out of 5 started games if I See that my main carry is too weak to kill creeps for 5 rounds... this happens mostly if key Items are missing and enemies are increasing strength more than I am able to compensate with slow / stun / timewarp and banishment... On top of that, just 1-2 out of 10 started games Progress After Wave 50 since early need items like beheader, meat mallet, norls set or crit potions didn't drop as need... As well my current playstyle is to quit games where early transmuting just provides me "bad damage" items in early game like frozen book or the painting or even worse tue scepter or if no drops at all occur until Wave 28... On the other Hand i played sometimes 3 games in a row without retreating where at least 1 or 2 of those key items dropped early enough to build up enough strength until unique drops show up to mess up enemy waves... Sometimes it's frustrating if Bad luck happens too offen in a row

Yeah I also quit when I see the game spiraling downwards. But there are other options then just waiting for the next drop of a broken item.( mallet, light saber) I had some games where I had to switch towers until I got strong enough to stay on my desired main. As I said I understand the sentiment but getting 1 or 2 lucky drops makes the game very easy as it is. Getting them more consistently will make the game boring to my mind. I think with a more balanced item list this might be less extreme.

Yes, I agree that there are strategies to come by when the game just runs without those broken items as you titled these... but usually I don't have much choices left if the game doesn't run as intended and there are low drops of items or potions for 30+ levels... all Tower cards which are Not needed are then already transmuted to rare items in the hope to get any useful ones and the useless ones as e.g. seven leagued Boots already discarded for potions before things are getting worse... in those situations quoted above items may save the game, since one beheader in lv 45 may be the Power boost to overcome stage 50 without taking damage... Otherwise for me the only valid time saving strategy is to restart the game if any key Drops don't show up early enough, not enough low Level drops to transmute to better Items or no potions at all show up in the First 25 levels... which happens offen enough... I just cleared my aborted games from the Last week... it has been a whole bunch of those ...

Just an idea. Skill points give items, like with towers. 1 every skilpoint might be too much, so how about this? 2 skill points = 1 white item +2 = 1 white +2 = 1 Blue +2 = 1 Yellow +2 = 1 Purple Now, thats a lot of items at the start of the game, so add in level rewarded at X, where x might be: 0, 25, 50, 75, 100... Or some other interval?

Just for reference I mostly am not able kill wave 50, also in my high scoring games.

Maybe the new toilet paper item will help a little with the item drops? https://mazebert.com/cards/items/toilet-paper/

Hmmm my problem is always on towers. With potions, black widow, goblins, and challenge rounds I can at least keep trying something. But for towers, I really have no options only deck master

I've had frustrating games with poor items or towers in the past, but they're usually on games shorter than 500. The new toilet paper does help get those items, especially if you save the toilet paper until there are only a few uniques left. The downside of saving toilet paper is that if there are no uniques left, then you don't get anything when you wipe it. @Andy, could toilet paper at least give you card dust potions if there aren't any uniques left? Or maybe it could also give you unique towers? I didn't have dark forge when I swiped it. @Andy, what about a seer tower that can help you pick the next unique tower, item and potion (once for each category) before the seer dies?