Easier tower items view

I have been craving a better/easier way to see items on a tower. I was thinking something like when you click on the tower there is a small section on the right side shows the pictures of the items.

That's an interesting idea. Would you just be interesed in seeing the items as easy as possible, or also faster interaction on them? One thing I imagined from your description was to alter the inventory icon to a preview of the item images, like this: |i|x| |x|x| Is that going in the right direction? :-D

I made some quick pitures with the general ideas. ^^ The equip and drop buttons can be added to there perspective parts as needed^^ For the lower 2 you could simply click on the item to change it.

Hey thanks for sharing! Currently it's planned to do a new iteration of the interaction design after v1.0 is finally out. In best case there will also be some usability tests with users! I added your suggestions for the item access to this ticket in my backlog. But its a rather mid-term thing :-)

:D The game is still young!! My hopes are high for something amazing. Keep at it!