Elvis issue

Hi berterz, at my current game i build a lvl99 elvis at tile #1 first time in addition to the lvl99 elvis at tile #7. The one at tile #1 seems not to work properly: flying units have to move along 5 tiles of its range but the slow effect last only at 1-3. I thought maybe its something wrong with the max slowtime at lvl99? 2 sec + 0.1 sec per lvl would make 11.9 sec at max but it's actually ~3 sec at lvl99 (like +0.01 sec per lvl) Another thing is that I tested helm of hades on elvis (~lvl60) at tile #7 in midgame but the slow effect has same range as usual :(

helm of hades is the worst you can put on elvis! the slow effect only activates when they enter his rangefield after the slow effect has ended then they get increased speed until they have escaped his range ;) and also why only one elvis was working for you was because their rangefields merged and it only counts as 1 elvis but with larger rangefield, so the slow effect only goes active once and the 2 elvises fields just becomes one big speedbooster for the creeps, the best locations for 2 elvises are #1 and #13 as you get 2 slow effects per elvis, or tile #7 and #8 is also ok but the one at tile #8 will only give slow effect once, if you decide to have only 1 elvis then tiles #1, #7 or #13 are the best ones for 2 slow effects but you cant have an elvis on all 3 tiles because their fields would connect and it would only count as 1 elvis with huge range =) hope this was of some help and it was hard explaining so i hope you understood :) or just ask if there was something unclear! / MR

Exactly as MRDRR said: You NEVER want more range on Elvis. Not only is Helm of Hades not beneficial to him, it's about the only instance I can think of where it's actively worse than no item at all.

Thanks for the fast response but I should have been more detailed :D Helm of hades was just for 1 or 2 pre BR on #7 elvis until I noticed that its not working so I gave it back to abyss. Just thought it would be nice in another setup without abyss. Now its #1 and #7 which means one tile between the elvis' fields and it works fine, just the one at #1 as I mentioned above is a bit "leaky" but jillies handle that. At #8 i got my gib. At #13 is a third elvis. #7 and #13 have a connected field but its just of 3 'lenght' and works fine, too. But whats about the slowtime? Its really not what it should be, right?

yes my bad, i forgot that it was 1 tile between #1 and #7, it was the #7 and # 13 connection that i remembered, i never put elvis on #7 because of it, i used to have a jilly on #7 but as spider has been improved and scales with level i have started to try to use 1 spider there aswell, i believe it is as you say that the slow is 0.01 and not 0.1 as the card says, mine also only slow down for a few secs. it may be because of that after the slow the elvis on tile 1 has a reach of 3 tiles on the first side, so the crreps will slow down on the first tile and then speed up on the remaning 2, the elvis on tile #7 is perfet spot for elvis as he only has 1 tile on each side so the creeps will just slow down but will never really benefit from the speedup as there is only 1 tile. if you look at a topic in general that says im baack or something then you will see my old setup, my new setup looks like this #1 Elvis dungeon door + 2 speed mushrooms 0 2 withered 2 DK helm of hades + 4 lucky pants 3 secondary, first holgar as main for pots and later as secondary shadow withered + blade of darkness and excalibur 4 knusper impatience + 2 lucky pants 5 main shadow 2 spectre set, seelenreisser, reaver, unsure about either demon blade or hydra, i leak with demon but not hydra? i dunno why, still working on the best setup for main and secondary so this might change. 6 used to have a money bin and later black widow but i am thinking this pos for GIB because i moved knus, impatience + mjölner + lucky pants 7 small spider impatience + 2 withered 8 first a jilly with impatience and paintings to get a lvl 99 fast without stealing kills that i can use for acolytes then i put a beaver there, impatience + 2 withered 9 first money bin to afford the epics faster, then Mr. Iron with speed and luck items, after eating everything he can i put impatience + 2 withered 10 manitou just keys? dunnot what else to put as even if it says 1-1 dmg he never attacks so it sucks when i have unlucky pants i will put them on him i think 11 first ganesha with 3 dark items and books then after i marry with 99 jilly i sell them for life and put a new jilly here with impatience + 2 withered 12 jilly impatience + 2 withered 13 elvis impatience + 2 withered if lvl 99 or close if not books/keys 14 jilly impatience + 2 withered 15 jilly impatience + 2 withered 16 dark forge books until 99 and after, 5 lucky pants 17 jilly 2 speed mushrooms, 2 withered and scepter

I will try to change the elvis on #7 for a jilly in late game. Pre BR i will keep him because it's a great help for the main i think. So I will use the #1 and #13 Version in my next game. First time 500 rounds on hard :D

Actually the 3 elvises strat is not bad as you get 5 slows from it, i guess its more of a preference + you have a higher BR score than me anyway ;) i used to have a jilly on #7 but it doesn't really make that much of a difference(except stealing kills) as the jillys in the back are the ones that really takes care of leaks except bosses. i thought i would try a spider as a spider can slow about 60% at lvl 99, GIB gives about 70% slow with freeze and i think their slows are different so they can stack together? just a thought i recently had, and at #7 spider will have full reach of the map. i don't know really yet so it's still just an untested theory :) btw very cool to see that someone other who puts dark forge in the back, most players i have seen puts the forge somewhere in the middle, but i just see it as a waste of valuable space, i just use ganesha to get him to lvl 99 without wasting space(before dark forge was fixed for BR drops i just married forge and ganesh after wave 500 and sold them for HP)

elvis description says +.1 per level.. tested thoroly and never actually aplies. maybe sth i dont get right, but i see Noin points the same issue here. if andy can resolve this with a clarification on elvis description would be nice.. thnx