End game needs more active play

Hello. The game is great and truly fun during the waves part of the game. But some time after entering the end game it becomes a waiting game. I find myself having the game running as if it was an idle game.I even have it running during the night not having to do anything for several hours. I would love to see something that made the end more interesting. The ability to skip ahead in time and send 50 second worth of waves in one go or more would be nice. Or maybe make the creeps get exponentialy stronger so the first couple of 1000 seconds is like now but later they become harder faster. I would also like to have the ability to choose one start item card. Just like you can choose a start tower now. Having this option would make the game a bit more consistent and open up many more viable start strategies.

Heyho Loke, thanks for your suggestions! Actually the creeps hitpoints grow exponentially already. The bonus round is meant to be balanced so that 1000 seconds would be a pretty impressive mark already. However in the current version there are some mechanics that allow to make the bonus round ridiciously long :-) My current plan is to adjust these for the next patch (Dungeon Door, probably Shadow), while looking to buff towers that aren't played as much. Great idea! Maybe something like this: Choose the first legendary item that drops?

Hi Andy. Beeing able to choose the first legendary item drop would be great :). When it comes to bonus round progression it does feel exponential in the beginning. And the amount of bonus exp you get is increasing. But then a couple of thousand seconds in the amount of exp you get stands almost still. It increases very slowly. If the bonus exp and creep progression goes side by side it would suggest that creeps flatlines in progression too, which it feels like arround 10 - 20 000 seconds in the bonus rounds.

Creep hp does keep scaling exponentially. The bonus xp cap was added to avoid insane amounts of xp for game breaking strategies :-) I think the current dungeon door speed allows to easily neglect the creep health gain, maybe that's why it doesn't feel this way. I'm currently implementing the balancing adjustments for next version, and dungeon door will be get a cap of 30s cooldown. I think then the bonus rounds will become more meaningful again.

Does health actually scale exponentially? In some code you shared, you had something like x^4 after x bonus time, which has a special name, but that name isn't "exponential." Exponential growth would have an equation like 4^x or use an exp() function. The thing with true exponential growth is that every certain amount of time things because twice as strong. In the current growth pattern, I'd say that 100 seconds is about twice as hard as 0. And 400 is about twice as hard as that. Jumping forward to 1000 seconds, I don't think that gets twice as hard until much much later, maybe 2000 seconds or so. But about Loke's suggestion that creep stats flatline after ~20k seconds, that's wouldn't work. As we know, we have several people in the millions of seconds with the current system. Edit: The word I was looking for was "Quartic function" Yes, it is a polynomial, but that's too broad a term for what I was looking for.

Polynomial is the word you are looking for

I dont think he doesnt know it He just tried to explain easily that it increases non linearly How he could know someone would see the codes that carefully lol. He just answered creeps increase faster than towers growing

I thought he just forgot the word because he used „special name“. Just wanted to make it clearer. But let’s not sideline this thread

You are right, my wording here was simply wrong. And @Lokes observation was correct. The double -> long conversion that caused the dsyncs on some devices, also caused the hitpoints to not grow beyond the maximum long value. This is now fixed for games with simulation v16 and newer. From my calculations it happened from around 200,000s bonus round seconds onward.. Depends how fast the waves were killed.

Well, it's good to know that's fixed. I wonder if that explains why/how the million second games were done. My understanding was that Loke was wanting bonus XP to keep increasing like creep stats in the 10k-50k and beyond area. I think the xp at 10k seconds is about 250 per round, and at 50k it's like 300 per round - which I personally think is great. Anyway, it looks like there was a lot of misunderstanding in this thread.