Few Things to Hopefully Add

I really like this app, and its free so want to give you support and much thanks first off. Would like to see another button the main screen under league probably for Milestones. Could list all the towers and have listed creep kills, damage, highest hit, most times used etc. Same with Items or anything else you could think of. Would like to see some sort of rewards with this as well which ties into my next suggestion. Be nice to achieve, achievements. Rewards for achievements could be allowing you to increase certain things past the 10 points you set as max, or open up even new things. I just think it'd be nice after playing the game over and over you could bring some stuff along with you to the next fight instead of starting completely over. In short I'm just looking forward to putting my progress in the game to show something other than the bonus round where I got a couple more seconds in just because I switched up a strat or leveled once and was able to get 1 more percent in an item chance or something like that. Anyway thanks.

Thank you for the input and the heads up! On the feature list there is Foil Cards, which are very close to achievments! For every tower in the game you can win the foil version of it! If you own this foil version the tower card will be golden when found in the game (like foil cards in CT games) In the main menu you would have the option to see all your unlocked foil cards.. Plus greyed out the cards you still need to unlock together with the objectives to do so.

would having a "foil" of the card do anything besides showup ingame different color when found? like small bonus gain per lvl for instance