Foil Cards

So, i beat the game with a lot of tower over 50. Where i can see foils?

Foil was half way implemented when I decided to drop it for this version. The main reason was, that I didn't like how it changed the way I was playing the game. The way I implemented foil was: - A tower gains a foil level whenever the tower levels up - Anytime you replace a tower the foil level is reset to 1 - At foil level 50 you receive the foil card of the tower Basically the great thing about playing Mazebert is the fact that you can experiment and replace you tower as much as you like. With foil I always felt like, oh dear better not replace the tower which led to boring games which got lost in the end because of not adapting properly to the upcoming waves/incoming towers and items. The next community challenge will be to make a suggestions how to earn foil cards. I will write a blog post about the details soon.