Forge and luck not working?

HI have a forge with 76% luck. I think it shoul prodoce an item in 8 rounds out oft 10. It produced 1 in 20. Is it a bug vor a misunderstandig? Thanks Iovoor

Sorry for the spelling im typing blind. It is gray in Gray background.

I believe that the luck stat is multiplied to the ability stat. In the case of Dark Forge it would be: 10% + (luck stat) x 10% So for with a 76% bonus to the ability it would be: 10% + 76% x 10% = 17.6% Also, just because there is a 17.6% chance to create an item every round, this doesn't equate to getting one item every five to six rounds. Each round you have a 17.6% chance to create an item independent from the previous round or rounds. If I'm wrong about either of these then WHOOPS.

Thanks Bill, that explains better what happens.