found an exploit to duplicate gear

hey, Andy if you can, provide some way that I can share it with you privately. I don't see a PM feature on this forum, and I don't want the exploit public.

Oh now that is interesting. Im not going to ask what it is, but could you tell me if its possible to duplicate any item, or is it just some specific ones? Like can you duplicate Blade of Darkness and other uber items which will give huge advantages?

I don't want to reveal too much, I think it'd be easy to figure out if I gave much info, and it could severely screw up leaderboards if someone else got it. I will say it's not quite as fun or OP as it sounds. It still breaks the game, though. I'll share it later after it gets patched out.

Hi Abbot, thanks for reporting this in. You can provide me the details by mail to andy [at] Really thought all duplication issues belong to the past now :-) Hope I can reproduce & fix this asap. Thanks! Andy

I think he might be referring to the "start a bonus round, update, and restart" glitch that's been hitting everyone lately.