Funny idea - Potion of Inheritance

Just something i just came up while afking endless mode: Potion of Inheritance (unique): "The next time this tower gets replaced the new tower will gain all abilities of this tower instead of the potions and exp. ATTENTION: This effect only works for the NEXT replacement." Could be kinda fun if balanced well :) like a Muli wirh the splash of balu and the insane scaling (muli's liquor and balu's cuddle) or a baby rabbit shooting 3 chain lightning which bounce 4 times :D by denying all the potions and exp you have to consider twice before converting your carry to get a better tower. But it will make it more viable to get a second/third carry. Also it is a unique potion which won't drop too early and also will also be limited to one. I dunno how hard it would be to implement but i think it would be hilarious.

This is a really, really good idea! Hell yeah. Although you're right, implementation will be quite hard :-) Not sure if the lvl and exp cap is too harsh. On the other hand, the inheritance effect could be really devastating. Hmm, definitely no potion to use on your carry if it drops very late. An alternative would be, all potions lost, experience kept? Oh yeah, this way keeping potions for later will finally make sense ;-)

Balancing is not my thing :D I just put in some suggestions how to balance... half all used potion effects or collected exp is also an option (or different numbers) Thought something had to be reduced for this potion to be balanced

Yes, something like that would be a good first guess. Eventually, I think the only way to find out to give this to the players and see what happens :-)