Gold during bonus round request

I know that darkness towers are currently the only way to go far in bonus round since they have the best damage scaling currently with shadow, knux and abyss. But I am really trying to make a metropolis bonus round build but surprisingly with their best end game unit, satellite, it actually gets weaker as bonus round progresses since there is no interest and money drops during bonus. Would it be possible to do something about this? Or is this something really intended to nerf metropolis end game?

Hey kapaw, have you tried a combination of 2-3 pocket thiefs (with impatience set + lucky pants) and 2-3 money bins during a long run bonus fight? They can catch more money than you might think. Sadly the pocket thief doesn't scale up on high lvl. In comparison to miss jilly or the spiders (which become more effektive when high leveled), the pocket thiefs seems a bit weak. In conclusion I wouldn't chance the gold drops during bonus round. Pocket thiefs with a higher money income in the end but lower scaling could be an idea

The other thing is the goblin spawned by dungeon door gives gold. I saw a reply by someone that had about 10 money bins surrounding a Jilly that was killing the goblins. His ending gold was in the trillions, I think. About the biofeld satellite, it isn't meant as a primary carry because it burns through too much gold. Maybe as a balancing request, we could ask the gold cost to be decreased another 10%. You should try Muli. He is super strong. The only down side is that you need to make fast huli towers to support the muli.

I believe with the new bonus round Blofeld will become a very attractive choice again.

Satellite should just be a last reserve. Electric chair with reaver is quite deadly for the onslaught of creeps. And trident triples it’s damage too you just need to have mutiple creeps in range. Shadow in its current form is not the best dark carry. His bonus does not work against goblins and with max speed solara has better dmg output AND splash. But to get solara to this speed it has too be quite late in the game.