Golden grounds

I've just returned to the game after a couple years off and was delighted to find a huge add on.oh boy! Grind a little, gain some levels and then remembered, oh yeah! I'm going to set myself up for that fun ass combo.... dum dum daaaaaahhhhhh. Didn't you remember? You have to grind out 100+ hours worth (possibly more) for a chance to have sufficient cards to beat golden grounds. Then and only then can you purchase what you want... urgh. I already did this twice before now... puts a huge damper on the game. Whinge over. Oh.. the suggestion. Let us purchase what we want prior beating golden grounds and not force a ridiculous grind of endless double cards to trade in. Grrr. Or.. let's meet in the middle. Let us purchase common and uncommon cards so that we can tactfully beat the golden grounds to allow buying the goodies.😊

Thanks for the heads up! I think you mean you have to do all that stuff in the DoL season again, right? As for golden grounds, there is another option to unlock it. When you play a coop game on golden grounds and beat it there together, it is unlocked as well!

Ahh. No. And that's where I get left behind. I have an android phone that's not rooted. Mulplayer is not an option. I don't mean to criticize. This game is incredible. Really, really incredible. You guys are amazing. And your customer support is second to none. But I think this is where I part ways. I'm not down to put in all those hours again before i can enjoy the full game. Not again.. 2x is enough. Thanks man. It was awesome. I donated what was available to pay but I'm not prepared to invest days of gameplay time just to get to the point I can enjoy the full game. What you guys offer on a free android game is the best I've found yet. Cheers for the experience.

Hmm, I'm unsure what you mean. You don't have to play season, you can as well change back to standard and play the game with all progress you already made. Season is just a new instance where the new deck is tried and people can race a fresh ladder. I do not have a rooted android phone either and multiplayer works fine. I even can cross-play with my iPhone/Desktop :-) Also, thanks a lot for the heads up and donating! Another thing: In June the DoL season ends and all your DoL progress will be merged back to standard, plus all DoL content will make it to standard as well. So that's the third option, if you want to play the new content and don't want to grind season :-)

Oh ok. I have been confused about the merge. I thought it meant that season was to "merge into standard, meaning becoming the new standard.

I'd like to try multiplayer with you some time if you have time. It's worked flawlessly every time recently. Slightly related is the "Star defender" repeatable quest that gives you 20 relics per 3 wins. That boost in income is noticeable. I'm not sure how many hours I've put into the season, but I didn't consider it an unreasonable amount. You can play 1-2 games every 3-4 days and get a good number of relics per game. Or, if you want to keep everything unlocked and wait for the season to end and be merged back to standard, you could do that as well. I, for one, find the new content to be much more fun than playing with the old cards all unlocked.