Golden Map Suggestion

Suggest changing golden map to only drop golden towers/items/potions that are in your card forge instead of giving you stuff you can't use.

You can still gamble the non-golden cards.. Wanted to make the last map really difficult :-)

In my opinion that doesn't make it harder, it makes it more luck based. To beat the map you either have to have a lot of cards or just get extremely lucky. Not really skill based. Eventually you'll have enough of the cards you need to beat the map that itll be just another map. Guess its fine either way.

Yep you need a solid stack of golden cards before it makes sense to try it. At least you have the option to limit yourself to certain elements, depending on the golden towers you got, to increase your chances. It's a bit more RNG right now, but I think a bit more tension as well. Like, aarrr Excalibur drop, but not the golden version. Really wanted to give an additional meaning to forging and collecting the golden version of all cards by adding the golden lands challenge. And I'm glad that the map wasn't beaten by now. Hope it takes one or two more weeks :-)