Guys.. Andy.. these are just some crazy/ good(?)ideas..

Andy.. these are some ideas that just came to me all of a sudden... #1.. how about item/s that requires other items to complete them.. like for example an item called Fragmented Tablet of Knowledge that requires for it to be in the same inventory as School book, Frozen Book and Norls Guardian for a duration (maybe 60sec or so) for it to create the Tablet of knowledge(TOK) that gives additional 15% damage for every 100 experience gained from Keys of wisdom or Painting of solea... we could like call them FRagmented Items #2... or perhaps item/s that create item interactions which are items that are not necessarily set item.. like above, the TOK, it interacts with Keys and Painting of solea to gain its effect.. or maybe something like Dark Amulet (not made by Dark Forge) that could give bonus %armor penetration for every dark item equipped in the same inventory... these are not card ideas.. more like examples to better explain my ideas (though they seem to be good enough to be card suggestions.. hahahaha) #3.. maybe a specific tower that could combine these fragmented items for a duration of time.. as not to spam when combining them.. like multiple towers combining simultaneously.. #4.. in contrast to #3, maybe make them permanent on the inventory of the tower that combined them if an additional tower seems unviable.. #5.. maybe an additional 2-3 inventories that are solely dedicated to Fragmented Items.. these are equipped on the tower that combined them and becomes permanent.. ... ***these ideas could like change how we play the game and perhaps put a new twist on the usual item set-up... i dont know where my ideas could possibly lead to but i feel like its towards something good..

#4 idea is in contrast to #3 and #5 is i think the best of the 3 (#3, #4, #5)... hahaha

icen.. I absolutely love this idea! Like.. the fragmented item could be a very weak one, with the recipe to craft the final item written on it. Maybe you could even see the attributes of the final item (greyed out) on the fragment, so that players will know instantly if this is worth the effort. But that's just me. Any other ideas/suggestions about fragmented items?

Like this idea, as combine trigger I would suggest "on kill" like gibb, Depending on the combined item effects I would even suggest a recipe with negative stats which then turn positive after completion ( ever sat on a fragmented chair? Not comfi) like gibb the recipe needs to be in the inv for min to activate Also since I'm lazy I would suggest here a downward swipe to downgrade rarity (damn frozen book never drops :()

i like this idea, its kind of like the latest set i suggested where it combines if u have all 4 and the legendary card. I might borrow your idea and continue it on icen , keep an eye out in the card suggestion area for em! i'd like your opinions on them!!

oh i forgot to mention some things fearing that i might forgot the ideas popping in my head... hahaha @Andy.. yeah i have to agree that the end results of fragmented items should be shown as to know if its worth taking the risk..as with of course the requirements to make it... @DerpMinh.. yeah i think a negative effect on fragmented items which could turn positive when combining is a good idea.. @Syotos.. i saw your set suggestion.. i think its good.. but i do agree that its too OP.. but overall its really good... by the way.. #1 and #2 are different... Fragmented Items need other items to make it while items from #2 doesnt (though i did mention TOK).. it just have to be in the same inventory as the other items it interacts with... ideas were popping up in my head so i really forgot to specify some things.. hahahha.. but any of the two (Fragmented or Interactive items) seems like a good bet... or maybe both would be better..or a combination of both?? hahaha.. what do our think Andy?? Got so excited to share it that i jst have to type it ASAP before i forget.. hahahaha Idea for Fragmented item: Fragmented Purse of Greed.. Requirement: Gold coins, ring of greed, handbag result: Purse of Greed: Target's armor is decreased by the same % its gold drop is but gold drop is lessened by 50%. IDea for Interactive item: Glutinous Dagger: Damage and Attack speed is increased by the same amount as your Item Chance bonus from items on your inventory and 8% of item chance bonus from potions. (maybe now some would consider drinking all those Wate of life potions) hahaha

thumbs up on this idea! on them all actually i think it would add many different strategys and make the game even more versatile than ever =)