Helheim knockback issue

Hey all, Discovered the painful way that if a minion enters Helheim and is then knocked back out (gargoyle, 2pc withered set) it counts as "escaping helheim" and thus a leak. That's right, I lost close to 100% health in a few turns thanks to an eager Jilly with 2pc withered. Anyways this feels bad and I would like it to not be how the game works! Can we get this changed? As it is I will 100% never use Hel on any run ever because knockback is one of the most important stats to have!! Thanks- Jahkral

That's a good point. They aren't "escaping" if they're forced out by knock-back. Until/(if) this is changed, you could consider limiting your knock-back range to stay well inside Helheim to avoid the issue.

Yeah but that can be hard with positioning. Better off just ditching helheim for more knockbacks.

I discovered it the same way in the last game... It is annoying but I like it that knockbacks now have a downside and you have to consider that during tower placement.