Hit closest creep

i have only noticed one thing that makes this game very difficult in the survival, if a boss comes then all my towers ofc attacks this mob, but i have time warp on my iron man(also tring out highlvl gib/impatience/lucky pants) in the first tile so i send him back and other faster creeps or flying passes him and then even if my main and support can kill the boss if given enough time(wich the 2 part withered set can handle) all my towers in the back with enough range(i use alot of high lvl jilly's/impatience set/lucky pants) can take care of the creeps that passes the boss but even if the creeps are closer than the boss they still attack the boss witch makes my jilly's utterly useless coz they won't stop attacking the boss and the creeps passes all my towers with ease coz noone is shooting them. my suggestion is that the towers attack the creep closest to them instead of the first they start attacking hence they can switch target

Well if this change is to be made the hp scaling of boss mobs has to be increased by a lot to compensate since pal will get insane bonus round times (only bosses make it through, jillys/ak/hexe kill everything else) thus "endgame" becomes even more boring... I sometimes don't even do bonus rounds because it's so boring sitting there doing nothing for like an eternity

The concept of attacking the first-spawned enemy is one thing that make this game interesting. I wouldnt like to change this mechanic. Additional, if changed, bonus-times would go up even more. But an idea i am thinking for a longer time is, creating an item which changes attack order. My thoughts were going for random attacks for the tower with the item.

pretty good idea, that could work. Yes it gets tedious, i've only been as far as just under 8000 seconds as most but i have seen some really high scores out there ;) and i thought 8k sec was feeling like forever, i rather like the idea of scaling up creep life coz as it is now i have no chance in hell to kill the creeps that passes the boss, but with stronger mobs the survival-time would probably reduce drastically, and it would be a more balanced gameplay. as it is now for me i can survive for 8k sec without problems but then when the boss life is so high that he stand still in the start and before i kill him a new boss comes(i can hold 2-3 bosses at once but too many creeps or one additional boss will get me killed) and im dead in like 1-2 minutes coz they keep passing by even with me having 280+% life, with more creep life i think may 1 or 2 could slip by now and then and kill me slowly instead of BOOM!! "you was to slow killing a boss now you're dead" and as said before it would reduce the survival time from the boring long wait and make the game itself harder to beat

A bit off topic but you can equip a jilly near the exit with a mreaver so that her range is lower and she can't reach the boss, then she will attack the rest and you will survive a few seconds longer :D I really like the idea of random attacking item

tnx derp for the tip i will try that =) also why i like the closest enemy hit, is bcoz i have played TD's from back in the starcraft 1 days and wc3 and they all attack the closest enemy disregarding who is boss or who came first, + you can actually order them to attack who you want if you really realyl like micromanaging, but i seldom did that

Hmm, another idea to throw around would be to be able to select the creep all towers should attack by tapping on the creep. Then, when that creep is dead normal attack order would take over again.

i like that idea if it could be implemented =)

but then you would probably still need to balance boss/creep hp due to more easy to progress in bonus survival

Will keep it in mind! My hope is that the planned adjustments to the loot chance function will help with that, too ;-)

What you could do is give all the towers a target selection page were they can change their target preference to "First", the creeps closest to end, "last", creeps furthest from end, "close", targets closest to tower, and "strong", the creep with the most hp. the idea was taken from Bloons Tower Defense but i don't know if it would work in this game.

ah man that would be awesome! as long as you dont need to micromanage too much or i wont have enough time to drink potions and feed mr.iron all my gear ;)) and then it would also be great with an option to manage them all in one click for the lazy players ;) and also as you said to manage them one by one aswell for the more advanced playstyles myself i would probably want to change them all to closest and then only change iron for strongest and main for first, could change depending on different strategys

If you want you can see exactly how it works. http://bloons.wikia.com/wiki/Target_Priority (weak isnt actually in most of the games but yea)

i like the idea of being able to tap a creep to kill have towers focus it if it is in range over other things andy!! (and maby allow us to double tap creeps to see their HP???)

Thanks for the link Hydraling! In a first step, I will implement the manual focus method, as it will bring a bit more interactivity to the game. Gonna create a ticket with your suggestions for the backlog though, too! @syotos Health display per creep is a bit of a problem, as the numbers grow REALLY high in late-game :mrgreen:


oh and if you're working on a manual focus then if possible please make the focused creeps outline highlighted maybe green? or green might fuse with the healthbar? i dunno but at least something so that you can see what creep the attack is focused on! =) peace //