Hitman Possible Bug

Andy, I've been toying around with the Hitman and have a few things to go over with it. First off, thanks for the hint of using him as a carry. I can't believe I spaced that!! Now I've been used him in multiple locations and get about 25% wins, but 75% loses. I've tried swapping multiple items, but yeah... getting no where. The Hitman is strong, nice Crit Chance, nice Crit Dmg, but seems to be lacking something. Overall, not a bad carry. Now the potential Bug: I've noticed that every time I Trickster, Hitman seems to oppose it. It seems to not only effect the Crit Chance, but the Dmg itself. I'm not sure how the Dmg gets linked to it, but it does. I've ran a bunch of test runs on it. Here is the average and the results: Averages: +0% Luck (Trickster, and yes that is a ZERO) Win Ratio: 70% Loss Ratio: 30% Crit Hits / Creep / Wave (Not mass): 13 Atk Spd (AS): .07s Dmg to Creep / Hit: 25% - 35% life / hit Hits / Kill: 2-3 (Not including Crits) Test: +10% Luck (From Trickster) Win Ratio: 20% Loss Ratio: 80% Crit Hits / Creep / Wave (Not mass): 4 Atk Spd (AS): .07s Dmg to Creep / Hit: 10% - 20% life / hit Hits / Kill: 5+ (Not including Crits) Now to me that seems like a bug, or I seriously have bad luck while using Trickster?

It must be bad luck, because the damage calculation is not connected to luck. I just double checked it with the code, but it's a common algorithm shared by all towers and it doesn't involve luck.. Hmm. Maybe the crit chance was less in your trickster tests?