Holgar droppin like mad

Heres the deal igot my holgar with up to 120 % luck but thats only the peak he has not that much all the time but lets assume he has. Got 2300 kills with him including kills of previous Towers. And ATM i have about 200 meads, and already used some but hey lets keep the number. The kill to mead ratio is nearly 10%. While i had max 4,4% proc Chance. I would say this quite unlikly. I know randomness is not deterministic. But this is quite a huge difference for more than 2000 events.

It seems like the first kill in a wave always gives Mead. The Rest never.( assuming 1 Holgar)

I was using Holgar last night. Didn't seem incorrect to me?

Necroing the shit out of this... It still seems to me that the drop rate is unusually high with a certain amount of luck. And it only drops 1 bottle per wave. So I almost always get 1 bottle per wave. Gimme a sandbox and I will make statistics for it ;)

@Kami I just checked Holgars code:

override public function calculateSpecialDrops(creep:Creep, droppedCards:Vector.<StashCard>):void 
	if (!_droppedStuffAtWaves[creep.wave.round])
		if (isSpecialDrop(0.02, creep))
			var potionStash:PotionStash = Mazebert.instance.player.potionStash;
			droppedCards.push(potionStash.getStashCard(new MeadPotion()));
			_droppedStuffAtWaves[creep.wave.round] = true;

private function isSpecialDrop(chance:Number, creep:Creep):Boolean
	var diceThrow:Number = Math.random();
	var dropChance:Number = chance * creep.dropChance * this.itemChance;
	return diceThrow <= dropChance;
Interesing facts: 1) It's not based on luck at all, instead on item chance 2) Only one mead per round is possible This might explain the high drop chance per round! Cause the item chance simply scales linearly, quite opposed to the regular drop calculations. Questions is: The current behavior good or bad? :-D

Well scaling with item Chance is a plausible explanation for the behavior. In any case the skill description is misleading. Holgar is quite strong mid game because of this skill. IMHO there is no better tower until a high dmg carry is needed. Which leads to the feeling that he is op so a tweak would be needed. But this will make the whole game harder.

Right. 2% chance to do X implies the skill is based on luck. So in terms of usability the implementation needs to be adjusted. Also, the automatic caps of luck calculation will balance this skill a bit further. Ticket added!