I only see one...

...and want to see more :) There are 54 Towers and up to 73 Items in the game. If i don't want to transmute them i have to swipe a hunderte of time to Switch from one item/tower to an other item/tower. Can you make a setting to see 1, 4 or 9 cards per side?

An inventory view would be great and then selecting which ones to transmute would be really handy.

Indeed, would be very nice! As there are going to be more and more cards in the game :-) Hope to find the time to add it, maybe for next version!

This topic is as old as the game I think. ( wasn’t it on your list of suggestions some years ago jhoijhoi?) I hope Andy can get a good solution for this. In regard to that I would recommend to change the icon of Norls sword as it is the same as the base sword. I think that would eliminate the last duplicate i think if not change those too (like the axes now)

Ha! Kami, I had totally forgotten about that post 5 years ago. Man, time flies! But in that set of suggestions I had some interesting ideas, but not about inventory view. So cool that it's coming in though :) Agree that different items should have different icons, especially if going to inventory view without name text.