im getting sick and tired of your rewarding of the exploiters

Im getting extremely pissed off being constantly lowered in ladder rank due to exploiters! You need to remove their ladder rank immediatly upon exploit! ITS BULL SHIT ANDY! I can accept last time it happened because it was within game mechanics of knu but this time you were supposed to fix that crap and you did. What they are doing is exploiting and you have to cancel their ladder from exploit games.

Dude Im rank number 13 and i have used ZERO exploits. No holgar/knu shit last version, and i dont even know what exploit you are talking about for this version all i know is this version is a lot harder. your falling behind because you prolly play less than others, or dont make it as far as others.

I think Bombdigie is talking about the people at the top of the ladder, syotos, not those with reasonable scores :) Just having a look at the top twenty scores, you can immediately see the outliers. It's just like running a race: realistically, the fastest runner is NOT going to be 200x better (assuming the 7000 score is legit, that is). However, we don't know what tactics they've used to get such high scores. Perhaps there's a good strat out there that is legit.

Exactly my point syotos, you are rank 13, but in reality you are supposed to be rank 10. 3 New exploiters just came in and bumped you from 10 to 13 in the past day or two. Either change the name to exploiter rank, ban the exploiters, and rename the game to eploizebert with the goal of the game to figure out who can figure out how to exploit the game first.

ah i see. yeah its a little frustrating but he did a Bonus round ladder reset because of knus/olaf exploit. idk how the guys are getting the scores up this high again but its insane ( i still dont have my name on the Bonus round ladder this new "season")

I suppose the ladder will be 'resetted' for every version of the game. I think Andy planned this so that players won't be mad at him. Now, just imagine you hit an incredible high score and it get canceled because you exploited the game, which let's say you did, wouldn't you be pissed off? You did spend time and resources to achieve that score even if it is with exploits. The same logic applies to other players. I like the name explizebert. :D

@Bombdigie I think many players enjoy the challenge to 'game' as system, in the case of Mazebert, to find a tower/item combination noone thought about in the first place, which is just very, very strong. I think this is what makes Mazebert interesting to play. On the other hand, there are flaws in the system, that were not intended by me. In this version it seems to be an issue with Irish Pub and something with the card transmutation system. I'm very proud of the players who found out about these issues AND reported them here, so that they can be fixed next version. Unfortunately I'm not a big company like Blizzard with a lot of manpower, but just one programmer with a regular day job. So it's gonna take some time until I can react with a new version, but I will. Also, regarding the scores - unfortunately I do not have an algorithm to detect 'exploited' games and prevent the upload of those scores. Like @jhoijhoi already said: If you found out about a really cool strategy, used all the possibilities the game offers, but your score is invalidated, you would be pissed, I guess! The other option I see right now is that the bonus round gives no XP at all, but I think this will upset a lot of players.

Im not a programmer at all but would there be a "simpler" way to make it so if players are hitting Ridiculously high scores in bonus (i'd say over 10k just in case some one does have a GODLY manner of a game) don't get posted onto forums, or past that marker give exp?

@syotos How would you even attempt to detect something like that? Just because YOU think it's impossible and YOU think nobody can reach the score, does it mean that nobody can legitly reach those scores? Do you know exactly what their strategy is to know for a fact that they're exploiting?

@herp Some of thouse score aren't able to exist without any exploit. There must be some isssue from people having a lower version and upgrading it at the end of the run. I would say it's the most realistic for the 3 top players. Then for the others, there is a lot of exploit allowing people to have huge buff. If you know how to apply all of them you can easily achieve an huge score. But it's impossible to achieve over 10k with the actual version. Even if I was trying with all the exploit I know and applied them, I don't think to be able to get over 5k/8k second. Well, after thinking, you may be able to get 10k with certains bug but what ever, It's clearly exploit so...

@herp just like sarore said ,In this version with out exploiting Getting to and over 10k seconds Would be a real feat. But The ones who are top 3 currently are most def Using an exploit of some kind, I mean seriously 1m seconds?

Well obviously Andy doesn't care at all that people are exploiting his game, so why doesn't Andy just share the exploit with the rest of us so we can all exploit as well. As soon as Andy admitted he had no time for the game and didn't care about the exploiters, calling them "unique strategies", it all but confirmed everything about this TD is just a farce.

You need to calm down sir. He didn't say he doesn't care. He only said he doesn't have the time he would like to due to work. He defined those players that way since they could see something he couldn't, IMO.

@Bombdigie If you find that exploit rule the game then apply them. Find them or whatever. I don't know if you understand that he made this game alone, tried to improve it alone, tried to add what the community want alone. He has his own life, and improve this game without any benefit, it's not his job nor his duty. Andy is only trying to make a game where him and others can have fun. And even more, it's free. So If you're only here to criticize his work then... Find a new game. I will add that he made this game for him and people to have fun. It's made to allow people to play when they want, where they wish. The ladder is making too much problem for any of you? Then he should have just deleted it. And the problem would be solved, but he didn't, he keep trying to understand the problem, improve his game with his free time. It's way too easy to blame him. If you're so disappointed of this game, help him to improve it with your own time. I don't even understand why you're even bothering posting if you dislike his work, just leave it. Andy is having fun with the game, he even said it on forum: " " Most of community express their feedback with argument while you're giving none. You asked me about exploit? Find them yourself, say him how it's working and he will fix it. It's your duty as a player to improve the game by yourself. To conclude, I will say that the community should be happy that he keep improving the game, speaking on forum, holding a facebook page ALONE. And to everyone barking about exploit, it's still an alpha game, it's not even an 1.0 game. Every game are flawed, as an exemple I will speak of "The Forest" who's on alpha test. People play it while there is a lot of bug, a lot of exploit too. But they're enjoying it, if you're not having fun anymore, play something else and wait for upgrade. I believe that many haters will reply to me but what ever someone had to say it.

I'm with you, Sarore. But I understand why is Bombdigie pissed off with those scores. My personal best is around 3.5k... :D