iPhone bug with knus and revive

I get frozen every time when knus eats up a revive mass mob. The only way for me to avoid this bug is to reset the game and add 3 or 4 pumpkins to let the mass revive mobs pass through. Can you take a look into it? Seems to happen more frequently in Blood Moor. Help!

Sorry to hear that! I just tried to reproduce this, unfortunately failed to do so. My test scenario is game where 100% revive mass creeps spawn and knus has a 100% chance to eat them. :-D Still then, it all works out flawless. Are there any special items you have equipped with your Knusperhexe? Thanks for reporting and for your help!

No special items. My iphone 7 does it 100% of the time only in blood moor. I've tried redownloading a few times now and it still will freeze on me. It's almost always on the first revive mass creep and it does not matter what tile I place knus on. Is there anything I can do to help test?

That's weird. I will test this on a device later. If I can't track it down, the pragmatic fix will be to disallow knus to eat revive mass. Will keep you updated!

Is there a way to remove the animation of revive after she eats? Or have a way for us to remove the revival animation as an option? That might fix it for me.

Just FYI I got the bug again and to be more specific I placed knus on tile 7 and it seems to be most buggy there for me.

I just realized that my game settings was playing at 30 fps. I'm going to see if playing at 60fps will fix the bug for me. I'll let you know if that works.

No good it still freezes on me.. sorry I really thought changing fps would fix the issue... I even tried removing scepter of time and it still bugs out on me.

Finally able to debug directly on the iPhone again. Still no luck reproducing it. Will try some more tower combinations next to knusperhexe. Sorry this takes so long!

no problem. I will try to redownload the game again to see if that helps. If you can't find the bug dont let one phone change the game for everyone else. I can try to see if I can get an android to play on lol. Or perhaps maybe you can disable the animation for revive when knus eats a mass creep?

Sorry for the long delay, but I simply couldn't reproduce the bug to fix it properly. I just pushed a maintenance release. In it, Knusperhexe no longer will eat mass creeps with revive :-) Fingers crossed this solves the issue.

Thanks a bunch! I am on iOS but as soon as the update comes to me I will let you know if it worked out. I'm almost positive that it has to do with the revive animation but it's so weird that it only does it on the first map. Anyway as soon as it comes to my iPhone I'll test it out!

Cool! The iOS version is now live. :-)

Hey I just updated and tested it out. I no longer have any problems with blood moor and knus!! This is a great update for me! However, I'm concerned because not being able to eat mass revives makes my knus eat significantly less during bonus rounds. Is there a better longer term fix for this? I feel like this is a great patch for now. But maybe in a future update we can think about allowing knus to eat all revives like normal mobs and get rid of the animation after she eats? So basically allow mass mobs to revive only after they have been killed by normal hp reduction methods?