Hey Andy I have two issues this time. Posted them on play store but didn't get any reply. 1. The first issue This time is that I've already beaten golden ground once, as a proof I have Golden scepter... But Still I can't craft cards.... 2. I found hidden quests worth of 60 relics but still didn't get any relics in my total balance. These quests are of multiple transmute and probably multiple potion drinking.

Have you connected it to the internet yet? None of that stuff will update offline.

Yes I've connected it.... I play daily and even I'm getting new quests and update ladder.

Alright, I will leave you to Andy then. Sorry!

Hey cbs, that doesn't sound good. Maybe you completed the quests before on another device? Can you add your save code to your forum profile? Then I can look up in the DB if the quest transactions are there. Cheers!

Hey there bro. Check it I've done as you asked.

Alright I think the quests you meant are: - Dust, everywhere! You just created your first Card Dust. - About time! No longer swipe until your fingers bleed. - Cheers! From now on you win every drinking contest. They are all added to your account, which means the relics should have been added too (as this stuff runs transactional, either you get the quest + relics or nothing happens).

What about golden grounds? Card forge should be open right? I already have Golden scepter.

Ah right! The golden scepter of time is unlocked the same time golden grounds are unlocked = twisted paths are cleared. So here in the DB it looks like you haven't beaten golden grounds yet (the quest is not marked as completed there).

Ok... Probably I mixed up something. Thanxx a lot Andy... You're really one of the best developers out there who directly interacts with players. Really man... 2 years and this game was never uninstalled from my phone. Man you rock.... #respect

Thank you! Very happy you enjoy the game so much :-)