Ladder exploited that night

Last night the unevitable finally happened. The mighty wizard thole made level 99 of the ladder with an amazing amount of 9999999 xp. So it looks like the local savegame protection mechanism was finally cracked. I understand why Blizzard is doing all of their games now online only :-) thole, I hope you are not upset, but I added a new row to my ladded table 'isCheater' and set this value to true on your record. I know you could easily create the next account, but I didn't want the ladder to get flawed. Any chance you reading this, you could share how you did the trick? Maybe you have an idea to prevent this/protect this better? For this, the only thing I can offer you is your own tower card, maybe a metropolis tower, The Great Hacker. Deal? :-)

First of all I'm sorry. andi, I hope you are not upset :-) My first impression of the game you are amazing. so I'm trying to find a weakness your game system. The first time I tried this game on my android with gameCIH. but I was not able to fully exploit your game, this is because the game uses a lot of double data type and the address obtained by gameCIH not be saved or change the data type. then I tried your game on the desktop by using CE. level based on exp wizard so I just changed the exp becomes 9999999 and play a little game to lvl up. to win the game while I only have to change the value in points into berserk 9999999/10 (a byte to 4byte). enough with a dandelion you can win every game. I understand the difficulty of securing a game. even games with client-server side. I also have not found an effective way to secure it. translate by google :-)

Hi thole, thank you for your follow up and your explanations. This is very much appreciated! The way you did it is indeed very clever and something I really haven't thought about. But directly changing the values in RAM makes sense, didn't see the forest because of the tress here. As soon as I'm at my PC I will try to reproduce what you did. I already have some ideas how to prevent this in the next version, but a reproducable scenario would be great for testing if it really works :-D Being aware of this possibility will probably make me code some parts of the game a bit differently. I think you deserve an own tower card :-)