Ladder issue

Well, I suppose it's not so much of a bug but... First time I've started a game, I've entered "Sterlen arf Blaar" as a login and have not written down a save code. After damn Apple thing did something on its own again, all data of several games (including Mazebert TD) was wiped clean. I've logged in again as "Sterlen arf Blaar" began the game from the start and all went good untill recently. Now game shows "Connection error" and don't want neither updating daily quests nor entering the Ladder. I do remember the second save code, but that's not much of a help in this conditions. Don't have any idea what to do except loosing all progress once again (which is very sad frankly speaking)...

Hi Sterlen, sorry to hear that! I can try to look up your save code of your first/second account, but if I got you right that's not the problem. Is it that you cannot run the game again? Or just cannot connect to the ladder? Do you still have your progress on the phone? The connection error should only show up if the game cannot synchronize with the server. Maybe you were simply offline? You can still play offline, the next time you start the game with internet connection, your progress is synchronized with the server! Let me know how I can help! Thanks! Andy

HI, Andy! The game runs smoothly. All progress is still on my device. The game doesn't synchronize with the server (neither daily quests, nor Ladder) when I'm 100% online cause other applications work fine. It just doesn't synchronize. Moreover I still have a last quest, I haven't competed yet. Thanks in advance! Update. I was able to connect to mazebert.com via Safari but there possibly an error on my side after all ((( BTW Stats of my account in the Ladder here on the forum are from my first attempt (the one I lost savecode) and not a current one (which I have a savecode but can't use due synchronization issue).

Hey, thanks for reporting back. You are running on iOS, right? Is it the latest version of Mazebert you got installed? Do you remember how long the issue exists? Last weekend I exchanged the SSL certificate for the ladder, as the old one was about to expire. I switched from thwate to rapidSSL, shouldn't be a problem, but maybe it is related to this? When you open up mazebert.com in safari, is the certificate trusted there?

Yep, iOS 6.1.5, Mazebert 1.1.0. Upgraded to Mazebert 1.1.4 after have experienced sync issue, but issue remained the same. ((( Problems began somewhere two or three weeks ago (can't remember, unfortunately). That maybe a clue! After this sync issue I've tried to connect to mazebert.com in Safari, but it was telling something about certificate (again, alas, can't remember exactly). I've deleted all browser data and cookies (to be 100% sure) and it let me in without any questions.

Oh, this might actually be the reason. It could be that the SSL certificates in the trusted keystore that comes with iOS 6 are expired by now and there are new certificates around. This would imply that iOS 6 doesn't trust the SSL connection Mazebert is using for ladder synchronization. Is there any chance for you to update to a more recent version of iOS? (without impacting the performance of your device!) I'm running on iOS 9 and the ladder connection works like a charm.

Well, this clears it up. The problem is solely on my side due to heavily outdated OS. I mean, yeah, of course, it is possible to upgrade it. Nope. iPod Touch 4G is unsupported... =T__T= Anyway, thank you very much for your concern, Andy. I really appreciate it! =^__^=