Level 200

I recently leveled to what should have been 89 and somehow received a boost to level 200? I restarted the game as I assumed this was a bug. I was then returned to level 89 but now I have 90 points to spend is this correct? Motorola Turbo, android version 1.1.4

Hi! I had the same bug...I was only suppose to level up to 60 but then went straight up to 200! This was after experiencing a bug where the scarecrow does zero damage once it reaches insane damage output.

Hey thank you for reporting this. This is really, really strange! Sounds almost like some number overflow happened to you, but actually the game is expected to use 64bit floating point numbers, which makes such a scenario pretty much impossible. I will have a look into it, maybe Adobe changed something in a recent Air Version to use 32 bit natively to speed things up. Anyone else experienced something like that already? Thanks, will keep you posted!

Just wanted to add a bit of info. This same issue happened again, I believe as I completed a quest. I have played on and off for a year with no difficulties (other than not being terribly good) and have been experiencing a number of small issues since switching to a Droid Turbo over the last week. Prior I played on a Droid Maxx with no complaints. Additional problems include random freezes, and the screen going black while the game (sound fx) keep running. It is not my intent to complain;overall this has been a great game. Perhaps there is a particular android or flash version I should avoid?

Further update, since version 1.2 was put out I no longer experience any of the issues noted above. Thanks. If possible, the only remaining issue is that my player level here on the forums is displayed incorrectly; I am currently level 92. I appreciate the continued effort on a great game.

Oh that is great to hear! Thank you for the heads up! PS: Fixed your level :-)