Little post bonus bug?

After bonus is over Hidden door still spawns gobs and you can kill them for more items (lol). Abilities such as Muli's liquor and Bals hug still proc after.

Korn, I'm adding on to this. Your towers still gain EXP as long as you have Keys on. Now I'm not sure if you'll gain EXP for your character or just the towers. I'll run further testing on it tonight.

Yes the game is no longer paused :-) Basically because some players liked to check their tower inventories/stats and so on even after the game is over. @Zeek No player (ladder) XP!

Andy, Good. I was a slight bit concerned there. My testing yielded the same results. =D Oh and by the way Andy, I refuse to pay any other TD game on my phone. You've put this game way ahead of the others. Great job bud!

I actually play Myth defense 2 along with this game.