Loan Shark Gives 10% interest

So it seems Loan Shark is giving 10% interest on gold. I noticed it in the Golden Grounds map. Just tested it on Blood Moor and got the same result. As much as I hate to make it public, I feel like I am cheating...

Thanks for reporting! Will try to include the fix in the upcoming release.

Oh that would've been hilariously overpowered. "Here, have all this money, and so much more!"

Okay I just tested the loan shark and I think everything is okay. Phew :-) At least in my test: - By default players get 2% interest - Loan Shark reduces this interest to 1% (2% - 1% = 1%) - 1% of the initial 5000 gold is ~50 gold interest the first round @DJNanashi Did you receive 500 gold after round 1 (that'd be 10% interest)?

Hah! Crap, you are right, I wasn't thinking about the fact I had gold in the thousandths place as oppose to the hundredths. Kinda feel like a schmuck now. Sorry for the false alarm!

Don't worry about it. Better safe than sorry! I too thought there was something wrong in the first place. Cheers :-)