loot creeps

This is a highly personal preference based on the game state from some time ago where items dropped much more frequent, but I would love to see guaranted item drops from loot creeps instead of what feels like a slightly bigger chance. In general I still feel early game (up until lvl 80-90ish) has too few item drops. Ive read somewhere that certain items start to drop after a specific level, but what about adding a small chance to drop from early on. If it was only 0.1% chance to drop legendary items, it would still be so satisfying to actually see that drop early on

The “starter” sets are quite useless with the current drop rates. It is 1 in 20 games or something when you get both parts of the starter sets before they are completely useless. I really did not really care before as I had my lvl 120 wizard that could compensate for this a it. But in the new season it feels strange.