Lost game state

Hi, I was playing long game (500 waves), closing and reopening it few times. After one reopening (around wave 320) stage appeared to be empty! No towers, only creeps. My towers are lost, but I still have towers, gear and potions in inventory (at least some, not sure if all). It's probably my fault, because once I opened a game and closed it immediately, so I guess that game couldn't render whole board before exit. Still I don't like it, what a pity, I was doing so well :/

Mine does that temporarily some times. Did you try re-loading?

Yes, I reloaded few times, and it didn't help. Does reloading works for you?

Yeah. Mine does that almost every single time I boot it after a long state (+30minutes). But then I just wait about ten seconds and it all "snaps back". That being said, it's rare I'm getting to 320 all that much these days, so perhaps that could explain why mine comes back whereas yours isn't. Either way, sorry to hear it, man. =(