Lost Save

I lost my save file. My game crashed and caused the phone to restart and my save data was lost. Had to start at lvl 1. Very frustrated. :(

Did you by anychance write down your ladder code, if not (I can't remember) andy may beable to get it back for you, but sadly right now's probably the worste time to lose it as he's on vacation till the 28th (I belive)

I don't have my ladder code. Only the name I had for my summoner.

Andy is able zo catch your code via your ingame name. Send him a pn and as soon as he will be back you can play again. :-)

At this point, though depends on how high of a level you were, If you can level there again before he gets back why not. Enjoy the game again from the begining.

@Ganktronic I'm sorry to hear you lost your code. I'm back from holiday and (although a bit jetlagged) finally here at my pc again. If you send me your name in the ladder per mail I can resolve your lost ladder code for you! Mail is andy at mazebert dot com.