Make Blood demon and Acolyte of Greed less useless

Right now Blood Demon's only purpose is to summon the blood demon blade, and then be sold. There is no point in keeping that tower around because it has only 1 damage and no tower effects after the sword is made. The tower is fast, but with blood demon blade, you'll want a fast tower anyway. My suggestion is to give blood demon triple effects from his sword. I know, that sounds wild, but it isn't even that strong compared to other options: Shadow can get up to 14x damage starting next patch, scarecrow can attack 15 times at once, and any metro tower can get a 10x-20x boost from stonecutter. The blood demon blade could be used by any one of these towers and get their other multiplier. That change paired with his 3 range and 0.7 speed should make him a decent carry option. Other towers will scale better, but for a straight power boost, it does a good job. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Acolyte of greed is the other tower with no use after being built. I was thinking maybe every 10 waves it could summon another goblin. Or, to make it scale with level, maybe it gets points equal to its level each wave and at 1000 points it summons another goblin. If it is a chance based event, then I would balance it around a player already using 5-6 lucky pants on it. Maybe something like 4% chance per wave at 99? Maybe 1% + 0.03% per level chance of a goblin each wave? If that is too much good without enough bad, then maybe the goblins come in groups of 3. Andy, would it be difficult to make the acolyte's eyes glow? I was thinking that maybe it would hold up to 2 goblins in reserve and each glowing eye could represent one of those goblins. Then, when the third tries to appear, they all come out at once. Eh.... I'm getting a bit complicated. I think my final recommendation is "1% + 0.03% per level chance of a goblin each wave"

At first I thought more goblins are a bad idea, but with the Yggdrasil tweak I think it is not that broken. Still this can lead to quite a lot of extra goblins if you plan for it. And currently I would say having holgar with branch and ring is already a nobrainer... Should they spawn at the start or more like dungeon door? Maybe start in his range?

It depends on how powerful it feels. I would lean towards spawning them in range so you can't just fill your back like with acoltyes for free goblins.

Yeah that was the reason I asked. Still I think this will only boost dmg against Vir. Because Yggdrasil + rings can keep you afloat normally...