It's really a good game and far the best TD game i've ever played on Android. I'm fan of large games like Diablo, WoW, DOTA 2. The only reason I liked this game was that it's gameplay elements and collectibles are really extensive and involving. Btw i belive that the space on map should be increased with a Zoom Function and with more vacant spaces.

Andy, correct me if im wrong, but i belive it's been discussed before. Currently the Game is balanced around the map, from the ammount of characters that can be on the field at once to the range of the passives, with more spaces people could stack more Herb Witchs for example and the game would become a more trivial. It's a good idea, but also has it's downsides. As per a suggestion to counteract the trivial side. With the difficulty changes added in (easy medium hard) Each one could grant more or less "wizard XP" Easy allowing a few more platforms, but overal less XP, medium could stay the same and grant the same XP and Hard have maybe a few less (I know that's crazy but, challange is fun) and more XP.

I get your point but what about corners. They aren't visible. I don't know if its on my device only or with others. It would be good that this can be optimized

@armor_lee thanks for the suggestion and I see your point. When designing the map I wanted to make the scrolling aspect as simple as possible to the user. That's why the map layout is vertical and you can scroll up/down easily with just your thumb, drawing more focus to the game. The tiles to the left and right are cut off because of the isometric nature of the game, and with the paradigm above to avoid horizontal scrolling I wanted the actual towers as big as possible. Generally, would you prefer more interactions with the camera showing the map? As for myself I got quite used to it and enjoy the ease of use :-)