Mazebert City

So i was thinking about some ideas for Mazebert TD while i was playing some BMC, and i thought about a form of income that players could invest into. after beating maps on normal/hard difficulty, you would get a merchant. Maybe 4 max. And some of them could gain card relics based on total kills in a day (1 per 2500), one could give card relics based on how many days you have played in a row, etc. It would allow players to get more golden cards while not being at a complete handicap and having to farm the daily quests.

gifv me your brain! in the coming zombie apocalypse im eating it ;) btw i always thinking starcraft when i see your name.. when a hydralisk mates with a zergling = hydraling / peace out

Thanks! And finally someone noticed the name idea. I have many ideas for games that i play but i don't share them because of how bad the overall community is. Here, there's almost no hate. Something i hope to see in my lifetime

yeah i like this game and community aswell =)

Thanks for sharing Hydraling! This is a very clever idea. And would add options for players to gather card relics, additionally to quests. As in mazebert the player's character is a wizard, maybe we could let the wizard gather novices around him, that help him with the relic collection. Or, maybe, even other wizards instead of NPCs?? Like forming a guild of max. 4 players and they benefit in some ways from each other. Just brainstorming here .. hehe! Cheers!

i like the guild idea andy, i would totally be in awe if there was a way to incorporate playing with friends in mazebert some how !!

I really like the idea of Hydraling gaining small amounts of relics from multiple options. Maybe they could be unlocked . For example: 1 relic for x kills a day is unlocked permanently when you get Y kills in one day.

yeah guilds would be cool but it is nice that you can play offline if you dont have money for internet access and when have money or wifi available you can update your rank, maybe if you could save the progress made and when you have internet access the "shared bonus" will be distributed to your members, that way you are not needed to have internet access at all times the same as now. also it cannot be too much high lvl requirements or it would be uneven if you're top 100 and your guild members are rank 2-3000+ that would mean you get less then a guild of only top players then with a random guild, and also if you get 3 members that play once a month and yourself plays every day then they get good bonus and boost form you but you get nothing, or it could be a npc thing done automatically but credited to your name also: would need at least a chat on mazebert. com