More Suggestions/Ideas/Thoughts

Brace yourselves! Wall of text incoming! ^^ (and in no particular order of importance) Iron Man > His Construction time is too easy to get low. It should be lowered by the addition of attack speed, but at a far slower rate. For instance, perhaps only a 1/4th of the attack speed granted by an item. This still lowers the cooldown of his Construction time, but makes it a little harder for him to get down to 1s. > Personally, I'd like to see in his stats how many times he's gone under Construction AND how many items he's consumed. > A warning screen when Constructing an item set, "Item set boni are lost when integrated into Mr. Iron's suit! Are you sure you wish to continue?" Perhaps something similar with purple items too (am always paranoid I'll accidentally construct the Wither set Mummy Bandages). Impatience's Wrath Set > Needs to be capped at some rate. Maybe even a heavy nerf, "+1% attack speed for each wave skipped by the next wave button" - this caps the attack speed at 500% if every round is skipped, and causes less pressure on the gamer to be watching the game like a hawk, waiting to press the button before the seconds count down. I think 500% attack speed is reasonable, compared to 2500%. Aesthetics > Each tower element (Nature, Darkness, Metropolis) card in your deck should have a different colour background so they are easily distinguishable from each other. You could just apply a hue layer or colour layer on top of the background. Like green for Nature - you could keep Metropolis as grey/plain, or change it. > Buildable tiles within the game should have a few randomised properties. For instance, instead of having three toadstools, maybe a yellow flower, or a small shrub. Either have a few tiles that are randomised on game generation, or having the small features randomise themselves. This would make the game seem fresh with each play-through. > Spawn and exit points are pretty random. Perhaps the creeps should be coming off a ship and entering the gates of a castle or something. Also, I've always thought it was unfair that there were four tiles of entrance and only two tiles of exit. In my mind this means it's more viable to build towards the front, as you get more time to attack the creeps, compared to building at the back. > Range indicator colour shouldn't be green, as the buildable tiles are green. Yellow would be more appropriate. And as suggested before, a glowing outline around the range to show that this yellow overlay actually means something ^^ > Instead of a "1" inside the wreath (button to "player" stats), maybe it should be a tower or a person's silhouette, if you know what I mean? The 1 seems to mean nothing. Set Item Mechanics - Tutorial > There should be two common items that form a set that are dropped during the tutorial to explain how set items work. There aren't many common items as it is, so adding two more for the sake of clarifying set items via the tutorial seems like a good idea. Maybe something like "Left Hand Glove" (0.4% attack speed per level) and "Right Hand Glove" (0.4% attack damage per level) and set bonus to be "Brawl!" (5% chance to sucker punch the target twice). Tutorial > First game after download should be the tutorial, without exceptions. As in the "new game" button should be greyed out and unclickable, forcing the user to play the tutorial. The biggest risk you take when a player plays your game for the first time is that they don't play the tutorial, try to play the game without knowing the mechanics and then quit and never play again because the game didn't "work". > Tutorial should also take time to explain the indicators of a tower (range, attack speed, typage etc) Bonus Round > Lack of flying creeps makes the bonus round too easy. Additionally, makes the Long Bow even more useless. > Experience gain for the bonus round is too high. The scaling increments should be smaller. > Bonus round would look more interesting/appealing if all creep models were used. This would make it easier to distinguish between the "waves" and also make the experience more "unique", as you'd see different things instead of the same model all the time. Typage > It would be interesting to make the game more complicated by adding typage to the creeps so that whether you build darkness/nature/metropolis/etc has an effect on how much you damage the creeps. For instance, a tower may be nature and good against Vex - minions that are Vex and have a "metropolis" typage are dealt more damage. If that makes sense. It opens the playing field to more combinations of what's good against what and even potential for specific items (50% damage amplification against Darkness minions, for example). > Would love double armour, double speed, double typage (Vex Vex) or even hybrid typage (Vex + Fal). Again, would make the bonus round more interesting. Backstory Panel - Unlocking > I'm a huge fan of game lore and experience rewards. So this is just a suggestion that I know probably wouldn't be implemented. But it'd be cool if there was an extra side-swipe panel dedicated to the "lore" of a tower. You could write these in a numerous amount of ways. For instance, from a game developer's prospective (so how did the concept of x tower come about?), from a "secret files" perspective (subject #045 was captured xxx), newspaper article, wanted reward etc etc etc. You could even make these backstory panels unlockable via gaining levels. For example, upon gaining level 1, Jilly's backstory panel is unlocked (locked backstory panels would show a locked lock!). Gaining level 5 could unlock Hitman, etc etc, scaling unlocking upwards so that all the tower backstories are unlocked at max experience level. In addition to masteries, this sort of feature would keep people playing in order to unlock the stories. Everyone loves unlocking hidden content! :D End Game Stats "Challenge" Ideas > I would like to see: how many times towers were replaced, how many items/potions/towers were transmuted, how many potions were consumed, longest time the Wedding Rings were worn, how much % damage was done to all the challenge rounds (added all up) Essence of Wisdom > A warning message should appear when using this potion when the recipient tower is already level 99 (I've accidentally had my main drink this potion a few times). > This potion should be the earliest purple potion drop to get people to use it sooner. This potion is of course more effective at level 89, so the user is forced to consider whether to use it early for more damages earlier in the game, or to finish up the XP later in the game. More Unlockable Content > Want to enter the world of micro-transactions? You could create skins for each tower that the user could buy. For instance, a Pharaoh Jilly skin that costs $0.10. The skin would be unlocked permanently, of course, once bought. This sort of player customisability would keep the player coming back to see/buy new skins. You'd have to add functionality for the player to choose the skin that the tower wears, of course, and each tower should be able to select a skin. (I'd totally be up for helping you make skins!) Make Level Experience Mean Something > It's cool to be at the top of the ladder and all (I'm not there yet, but the rate this game is going, I will be - survived 127865 seconds so far!), but beyond the incentive of "I'm #1!", there is no other reason to keep playing the game and try and get a higher score. So why not reward players who get to max experience level with an item, tower or potion named after them/created by them (or if you decide to go for the micro-transaction skin idea, why not a skin suggestion)? I think you'd get way more people trying to get to level 120 if there was this reward attached to it. A lot of people get a kick out of seeing their name in published work :) [where's my shout out?! :P] Refer-A-Friend > This would be tricky to track (maybe?), but could lead to people sharing your game around with friends in order to get rewards. For instance, maybe getting a friend to play this game and get to level 5 unlocks another mastery point/rung for increased health or something (unlock a skin! :P). The friend would have to type in the referer's wizard name after creating their own wizard for the referer to get the reward. Oooookay, I think that's enough from me at the moment. Off to the Card Suggestion forum, as I just thought of an "Australian" tower :P Hope some of the above give you neat ideas. I really enjoy this game and love seeing it evolve! - jhoi

I was wondering why I could never get the highest score. Simply this: 1) Build Mr. Iron 2) Stack a million Unrelenting Forces on him + attack speed (yes, that attack speed add is solely based on attack speed items, not the Impatience Set) 3) Equip him with full Wither Set 4) Go shopping irl 5) Come back and find this: Clearly Mr. Iron healed everything that came within his range, causing me to lose the game. That -233044170826583 damage. Sad. If I had been home, I would have sold Mr. Iron immediately and been #1 :(

I really think that you have a point there, but I personally dislike the idea of being able of buying items with real money in GAMES, especially in ones that you don't play online.

? You can't buy items, only skins for towers. For example, Pharaoh Jilly. It's bad practice to be able to buy in-game boosts that help you win (like extra lives, ability to buy items, etc). I was merely suggesting a "cosmetic" store, buying things that don't allow you to win the game, only change the looks of things within the game. Also, why would you have a problem with buying cosmetic changes if they cost 10 cents? The people who want these sorts of things would be willing to pay 10c for it, why deny them that ability? If Andy wanted to add a store that allowed you to buy the ability to create an item for a game, that'd be perfectly reasonable too. Many games do this, such as Path of Exile (though they charge $1000 for that privilege!). - - - - Also, random thought, it'd be cool if the challenge rounds were named after people who have contributed to the game, like beta testers and such ^^