multi window support?

I would love multi window support so I can do other things while I let the waves pass by!

Hmm, this works for me on the windows version.. Or are you talking about Android or iOS?

Mobile, mainly Android.

I see.. Hmm it's not that easy in this case. Would need to be an advanced option in the settings I figure.. The big problem on mobile is, that as soon as your app is minimized, the OpenGL context is lost. This means, no rendering is happening anymore and the app execution is frozen to a minimum. I could be implemented with background processing, but for that I would have to decouple all game entities from the sprite rendering. Currently this is not possible, unfortunately, unless I rewrite a lot of code :-/ Sorry!

This reminds me... This was a problem of YouTD, too.. As soon as everything is running, one doesn't have to do very much anymore. I'm wondering if some game elements could be added to improve that. Maybe some quests or stuff like that..

I know on My phone (galaxy s4) you can have the screen split between two apps so you can see both. New game elements to keep you in the action could be tough... can you make it so we can tap a specific enemy for your towers to attack? a special kind of enemy ability. Ex. The enemy starts blinking and you have a time limit to kill it before something happens. Perhaps he gains a shield that stuns all towers who attack it for a duration based on the damage the tower does. I want the ability to combine towers to make new ones! Give us social towers that can only be obtained that way.

can you make it so we can tap a specific enemy for your towers to attack?
That'd be excellent :-) This, and champion creeps with such abilities as you say would involve players more I think..

Thatd be sweet korn!! Id combine a baby rabbit with a shadow all day even if he ended up with a smaller adapt and two projectiles :)

Muli + Balu.... If that wouldn't work then a simple cube like device to get a random next tier tower. Another idea is a help menu that can be accessed via the menu button. This would help when more creep abilities are added. Would have the list of abbreviations and perhaps a small picture explaining the tower cards.

On that same note perhaps putting those "Special" creep abilities in a new "harder" difficulty would be nice. I'm sure not everyone wants to play with those type of mechanics. Perhaps another builder stat you could add is difficulty. Each point adds new and more intense wave/creep abilities wile retaining the abilities from the previous levels.

how about having to pick up the bananas for muli? xD or the cuddle balu passive only triggers when you shake the phone for 3 secs (balu will start shaking when the cd is ready) the sat has to "focus" an enemy pocket thief will only pay out the money looted via the passive if tapped. new towers with "active" abilities the forge has "drops" the items crafted and you have to tap them to pick up... and most importantly... an option to turn all of these off xD could be really annoying on the long run

Things like picking up bananas for Muli is BAD you would never be able to keep up with his 0.1 aspd. Shake when balu can cuddle is just tedious. We need stuff that is not expected that puts you on your toes more or less. activations could be nice. =)

Yeah, just random rambling :D