Two ideas for multiplayer 1: Competitive - you select the map you want to play 'against' some one (or have a select map), and you wait for a player to be matched. once matched (you pick your talents and elements all prior before queuing) the game starts, no pausing allowed and the game starts 30 seconds (no fast starting that part). and then boom you're off, if one player finishes a wave the next wave starts for both players! (hitting the next button will do the same thing). if one player loses it will mark it. Once the second player Passes the place of defeat by the other they win and the match is ended. could at more quests for "participate in x vrs's games, win x games" and you could win say a coin each win, and have special buys with vrs coins. 2: co-op map - no real indeph ideas for it just a co-op map where two people build to beat the game.

co-op idea was cool the multiplayer was good too but... it would be hard and i think would be too easy to get a isntant kill in the first few waves, thus speedkill the other player for bonuses, breaking the game, and as it is i like it does not require internet at all times except for updating rank and buy liquor co-op could be that you have tile 1 i have tile 2 you have tile 3 and so on to get an even space to build on it, the tile grass could be different colors so you dont get confused what tile belong to who, or the map is half/half but mirrored so it looks the same way on both sides but you have 1 side of the path and i have the other so ones main carry doesn't have mroe reach than the other or one would level up and the other would only get the scraps that leaks would need a quickmatch if you dont have a friend or a request frind options if you have an ingame friend that you wanna co-op with also: would need at least a chat on mazebert. com, i think ingame chat would be to difficult and you'd never write finished before you leaked or screwed up the game for you co-player or yourself

see though you need to be able to survive as well, like this If i just spam start as fast as i can but leak as well and die on wave 10 , and you are my opponet and make it to wave 11, you would win ending the match. its a rough draft for an idea. and for co-op there are endless posibilities like the ones you suggested or take a map and cut it in half, 1 side is for 1 person and the other is for the 2nd, and mobs come from both ways (1/2 the normal wave size)

Maybe a PVP map/mode, where one player plays normally, placing towers and going about as normal, but the other player is affecting the sends, and this would also be useful when new creep abilities are implemented. There would be a wave cool down for some abilities and some preset. This would work better if masteries/ talents are disabled. What do you guys think?

And dot forget to add chat box in the multiplayer mode ;p

i liked the creeps come both ways in co-op, then 1 defends top and the other bottom ingame chat as i said before i dont think will work, at the most i think a "quickchat" ingame with some pre-set tactical phrases could be used, but then we would need a vote on what sentences would be most important, things like "hi" or things like that would not be necessary maybe at most a "=)" and then only tactic phrases to work together on optimal level

yeah i dont like ingame chat. ingame chat always leads to toxic stuff.