Multiple suggestions

If been playing the games for some time now and i came up with some ideas for the game. Dark witch The Dark witch will work similar as the dark forge except it creates potions instead of items. Set transmutation Transmuting 4 steak, 4 daggers etc. will create a higher quality one. Splash potions Giving a tower a potion will add the effect to all towers within X range. Stat and skill points This is quite big and will need a lot of careful balancing It splits stat and skill points Stat points will boost the damage, attack speed, item find, experience etc and don't have a max lvl(or maybe not to stop being OP) Skill points are for skills like more waves etc. Lvl cap skill A skill that increases the max lvl cap of (all) other skills so they can be higher than 10 Not all of these work very well but still some of them can become really great although they might need some more tweaking.