my opinions ;)

Firstly : Three words - 'fucking love this' i've been playing wc3 td games and td games when they were introduced into smart phones. And among all the TD games in the android market and wc3, this is in my top 3 list. Secondly: A big thank you, for making this game free and not only that, for not including any in-game-purchases like what the other games do. 3rd: _bonus round saving_ I've tried the bonus round twice, and i realized that it couldn't be saved. I'm not sure if it's because of my phone or it's designed this way. but i hope there's a save mode in it. _bonus rounds_I've read the other comments and i agree that the creeps comes too fast. _scarface_ 3 seconds is a little too long, maybe drop it to 2.5 or increasing it's range would be more balanced. _mr iron_ 90 seconds is too long _wedding rings_ i noticed that some people might find it hard to understand how it works, and everytime i resume a saved game i would have to wait for 20sec for them to get married again. a suggestion is that the rings be consumed by the tower after 20 seconds and they are permanently married. this also gives slot for other items.

It would also be nice for the wedding rings to have a higher drop rate or lower minimum wave. I've yet to be able to complete the set before wave 150, and at that point you've had to use most of the potion drops you'll be getting for the game on the one carry just to be able to survive.

Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you like the game! Yep, currently the bonus round progress is not saved. This is due to the general limits of my savegames :-/ At least for the next release I plan to improve this! (Right now I do not save creep data). Scarface will definitely buffed in the next bugfix release. Will look into Mr. Iron, too. Maybe I make the 90s be affected by IAS. About the wedding rings, as they are really strong artefacts, blocking a slot in the inventory plus the marriage cooldown is for balancing them. You'r rigth though, the bond of marriage should be stored when saving a game!