New Advanced Quests

After reading through the forums I came under the impression that some people thought there were not enough relics to be obtained while others thought that it was fine the way it is now. My thoughts are that perhaps for end-game players, there could be some harder quests with equal rewards (40 relics.) My suggestion would be to have a weekly challenge that is made for advanced players. Perhaps have a minimum level (60) on these or not. I was thinking that these challenges could include variants of existing quests only harder to fulfill. 1. Instead of dual decks have unique decks. (only darkness, metro or nature.) 2. Instead of 800 cumulative seconds on bonus round have 1k seconds in a single run. Or, have a requirement of 800 cumulative seconds but on hard. (some kind of variant.) 3. Increased levels earned. 4. Increased gold obtained. 5. Use of a specific hero. These are only suggestions but I believe they may appeal to more advanced players.

Win on Hard without any potions drank. Win on Hard without any items used. Win with a maximum of five towers used. Win without any Common Towers/Items/Potions used. Win without any Uncommon Towers/Items/Potions used. Win without any Rare Towers/Items/Potions used. Win without any Unique Towers/Items/Potions used.

This sounds very interesting. I created a ticket in the backlog, linked to this thread. Definitely something to keep on the radar for future versions!

1. Build max number towers, and all towers are level 99. 2. Have a tower which luck > 1000. 3. Have a tower which Cooldown = 0. 4. Have a tower which Attack speed add > 14900. Maybe need a quest abandon option.