New layout?

So guys, wanted to bring one idea here. I don't know, how about you, but I'm often tired in late-game to slide 250 times through my items list just to replace "Lucky Pants" with "Messerschmidt's Reaver (for example), so i was wondering is there any way to make life easier and I thought of this layout. The icon-type, instead of list-type new layout imgur link You don't need to see names of cards and their stats cuz you know them well anyway, but you need that gem (rarity indicator) to know where you have "Baby Sword" and where "Norls Steel", where is "Excalibur" and where "Seelenreiser". Also, if this layout is applied, there should be some kind of purple frame on items that is forged by "Black Forge", again to see where is "Excalibur" and where is "Blade of Darkness" or where is "Baby Sword" and where is "Dark Baby Sword". About transmuting and navigating: for example, this picture is 1st screen, but you have more items, than you scroll LEFT, just like it's now, to go to the next items. If you 1-tap on item, you see detailed info of item (like now, and than you can choose to equip or drop or transmute), if you double-tap - you transmute stack. If you press on item AND scroll up 1 card from stack is transmuted. Ofc, there are new players who don't know cards, so it would be logical to make in options such thing as choose between "Icons" and "List". Please, developer, say what you think about this idea and if it's hard to realize? P.S.: sorry if I've made some mistakes, I'm Ukrainian, but trying my best :D P.S.S.: same with towers and potions.

Thanks for reading and answering, Andy

Hi Music Maniac! Thanks for your suggestion and sorry for the long response time. I see the need (especially in late game) to better find the card that is actually needed. The original concept of the card deck was made, with around 7-10 cards in your hand max. I think it is the same if you play with regular RL cards and your hand gets too full. At some point its no fun to organize those cards. So my idea was always to motivate the player to shrink the amount of cards (transmuting). An option would be to have a limit of cards (for instance 10) a player can hold of each type. But this would be a very bad idea I think. Implementing a new layout for cards would be hard to implement and even harder to create a good concept for it. My goal here is that when you look at cards it is a unique experience, so no two different modes to switch between. Rather redesign the current layout, so that it fits better for both early and end-game scenarios. This is definitely something on my list, there's even a JIRA user story waiting in the backlog since a year :-D So this isn't something that will be done quickly. The current system is not perfect, but it works fair enough. So for taking it to the next step I'm not gonna rush to a solution but instead try to come up with a really good one. As soon as I got the first concepts / interactive prototypes ready I'm gonna share those on the blog. Get feedback of the community as early as possible in the design process. Cheers and thanks for the heads up!