New towers/items/heroes

I've wanted to post these for some time now but never really got around to doing it so here goes Storm caller[Tower] Range:3 Damage:1-1 Atack speed:1 Specials Chain lightning 40% change per attack to cast chaing lightning which strikes up to 3 targets and does 50 damage reduced by 10% for each bounc down to a minimum of 50% Every 20 levels gains 1 more jump Damage goes up by 50 per level Elemental overload Every 5th lightning triggers twice at lvl 20/40/60 reduces lightnings needed to trigger a second one ------------------------------ The damage can be made to scale additionally with new items that would increase spell damage if it can be introduced as a concept. extra buffs to the waves can be added to the pool such as vulnerable to magic, + magic resistance or something of the sort. ------------------------------ Amplifier Shrine [Tower] Range:4 Damage:1-1 Attack speed:1.25 Specials Amplify Each hits amplifies the target making it vulnerable to spell damage. Can stack 5 times lasts 10 seconds 5% more spell damage taken increases damage amplify by 0.2% per level Residue When a target afflicted with amplify dies another target is afflicted with death targets stacks minus 1 (if target that dies has 5 stacks next target has 4) goes to next target in line (or random target) in 1 aoe ------------------------------ Scorched, The Elemental mage [Hero] +30% more spell damage +20% more mana +50% mana regen -50% tower damage -20% attack speed ------------------------------ Master Mage [Tower] Range:2 Cast speed:2 Mana:25 Mana regen:1 per second Blast wave - mana cost:5 Releases a wave of fire that damages everyone in 2 range arround the caster for 200 x tower lvl Combustion Blast wave crits ignite the target for 200% of that damage over 3 seconds I've lost the other few things I had written down(woops) Will edit them in when I find them

I hope the damage on that first tower is unaffected by the current items, otherwise you'd have a jumping attack that does 5000 base damage by level 100 on three range. It would render every other tower pointless. As for the other two, they're interesting concepts, though ones that don't currently fit within the game as of yet.