not having as much fun

1.9.3 .. don't know what to think, flying mobs are awkward, drop rate seems much lower, potions .. changed? all in all I can't see myself playing much more. Pity as I was enjoying 1.9.2 and spending hours on it

sadly i have to agree with this guy, After the patch hit it feels ALOT harder, im not making it as far in the game any more (i havent hit bonus round since newest patch not even on easy). the Holgar potion bug should of been the really only Big change (it was needed i didnt use it but knew via friend how broke it was. I enjoyed the game took breaks between cus i just didnt find it fun with only few possible carrys / pure luck for potions/items, hoping new items /potions/towers and the map (even thought it doesnt look like it will be mine) will bring life to the game for me again.

I just wrote a blog post about the new armor calculation model, which is probably the reason for the increase in difficulty. Especially the early game became a lot harder by this, so I think the chance now to hit some kind of downward spiral killing less -> getting less loot & xp -> killing EVEN less and so on became much higher now.

saw it andy harder to kill mobs less mobs you kill less loot , less challenges you kill less items less mobs you kill, vicious circle that goes over and over till you lose, which is an impending doom much sooner. i agree it may of been to easy, but now i think its alot harder, maby go to the imbetween of now and before for more balanced?