One game can only finish one Quest now?

Today I have two quests of winning game with Dakness and Metropolis, and with Metropolis and Nature, I finished a 200 waves with Metropolis Only, but just completed the quest of with Metropolis and Nature, Black Mirrors remains uncompleted, and the Quest of winning with only Metropolis wasn't show either.

It should still be possible to complete multiple quests. If you completed the winning with only Metropolis quest before it is expected that it isn't shown again, as you can complete every hidden quest only once. Will double-check it today after work though. Thanks for reporting!

Hey cola, couldn't find any change about the quest handling in the current version compared to the previous one. Will keep an eye on it and try to reproduce it. But I couldn't find any clue that the quest sync would fail for multiple quests in the current version. Did you experience this again? Will keep you updated if I find out more! Cheers Andy

I am sure that happened that day, I just dreamed finishing three quests, but just resulted one. I will wait for a chance for multiple quests, and test again.

Hello! It happend to me today and yesterday or the day before im not sure. Had 2 Race Quests and i finished with the shared race and only one of the quests got finished. I had to play 2 rounds of Darkness only to finish both quests (nature+darkn. and metro+darkn.). It seems like its about finishing 2 quests when they share the race. There was no "Quest failed" while playing. 400 Level quest and the 7 Challange kills works fine in all setups.

Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Beat a round using only Nature when I had both Nature/Metro and Nature/Dark quests active, and it only completed the Nature/Darkness one.

Same thing happened again, Only the first quest is completed.

Thanks for the verification. Sadly didn't get up to do any mazebert programming this weekend, but will look into this start of the week, Thanks guys!

Nah, thank you Andy!

Found the problem. I was some over-optimization I did for the event dispatching system in the last update. Dang! I added a unit test for this case, so that it won't happen in the future again and fixed the issue. Update probably won't be there before the weekend, cause I'd like to bundle a few other adjustments in. Thanks everybody for reporting / helping to reproduce this bugger. Highly appreciated :-)

More updates? Thanks Santa!

Came to report this. Also game freezing in bonus round at ~200sec. Can go out, and come back in. Screen doesn't redraw after loading reaches 100%. Can hear sounds, and quickly die. Nexus 7 (2013), 5.1.1

Hi, thanks for reporting! Which version are you playing with? There was a bug in 1.1.3, which could cause the scenario you describe, which has been fixed in 1.1.4.