Painting of Solea

Hey, so I've verified that it is working for everything (Luck, Speed and XP when missing), but the Experience no longer shows during gameplay. Is that a bug, or was it intentionally removed? Because it's a little confusing if it was intentionally (Really annoying to have to pull up the menu and manually check to see how much Experience it's generating).

Thanks for reporting! I just did a quick test and can confirm that all values are added up correctly, but the notification is swallowed. This is caused by my notification pooling optimization I did for 1.1.. Right now one target was only permitted one notification per frame. However on the Painting, we have first the "Miss" notification and then the XP notification. I adjusted the behavior to allow further notifications if a notification was already scheduled on the same frame. Already fixed, will go live with the next version!

Thanks Andy, you're the best!