Polls suggestion.

I think that there should be the possibility to vote for more than just one tower in the poll. Let me be straight on the reason I'm saying thi: if I suggest a tower I want to see that tower, so in a poll, I'm gonna vote for my tower. I don't care if there are other towers I like, I want to see mine. Basically this is the selfish thought almost all of us have when it comes to poll. Plus, I read that @Jhoijhoi and @Warlemming have the same IP, which means they have only one vote. Thanks, -Manu. :)

Good call there, Manu!

I just checked, I can enter the number of allowed votes per user, when creating a new poll. Not sure if this also means that you are able to put all 3 votes into a single option :-)

Can you make a private poll to test if it possible or not? I believe with the private option normal users won't see it, right?

Can't create a private poll. I created one with number of votes set to three, but I can't vote more than once. How about you?

Nope. :/ Could this help? http://wordpress.org/plugins/cardoza-wordpress-poll/ Also, I'm not receiving any notification e-mails when someone replies even tho the box is checked. why?