Port Game to PC even Steam with Steam Workshop Support

Hey people, and specifically Andy. I do not know how active you are on the forums anymore, but if you are, I have a request, that after reading the title, should be easy enough to understand. Games are split into different groups, and 2 fairly standard groups, are serious games and casual games, for serious or casual gamers obviously enough. This game is on a device that is known for it's high amount of casual games, and yet, this tower defense game has so much depth and immersion, that it can draw in the most serious gamer for hours. What I am asking, is to make this game, and all it's nuances and methods of madness, accessible to the PC gaming world, and I would suggest for it to be placed on Steam with Steam Workshop support. I know there is a problem with cheating, and cheaters being on the leader boards, and actively supporting mods is actively supporting cheats. While I do understand this, mods can make a decent game good, or a good game great, or in the case of Arma 2 when Rocket developed Day Z, made a pretty damn good game, into a gaming revolution that nearly turned the industry on it's head. I would love to know what some of the more creative modders in the community can come up with, in regards to towers, items, heroes, game mechanics, maps and so many other things that many people may not have even thought of for a Tower Defense Game, especially one that relies so heavily on Cards and a Deck. A tower defense game with cards and a deck?!?!? Are you insane? Those things don't go together!!! I just love this concept, and i feel like I am playing an RPG and Strategy game in that tower defense, and I bet some modders could really take this idea to the next level designing cards not even imagined by anyone yet that has played the game. I don't know if this question has been answered in the past, but I hope that you would give it some serious thought. It also could be very possible to implement Steam Achievements in addition to the quests used already, and adjust it, so the game has something of a File Signature similar to that of Paradox games, where if they do not match the signature of the latest patch, then and achievements and quests can be turned off, UNLESS the mod has been approved by you perhaps, as a non-game-breaking mod that adds to the fun without stripping away any significant challenge. I personally would LOVE the opportunity to add some towers, heroes, maps (and MUCH larger maps, that a PC could easily handle more-so than a smart phone.) and even some functions. For instance there is already an Item in the game, a unique item, that makes the tower invisible. Why would a tower need to be invisible? Is it possible that the enemies you are trying to kill, do damage passively as they walk by, and perhaps also an active attack every so and so seconds they attack the closest tower that drew the most hate for that unit. All of this is very specific and I am really think this game could get a new kick of life into the game, not just when you did it, but after every major update, that you added new features for modders to play around. A game that reminds me of this is Rimworld, if you have never played or heard of it, suffice to say it is a kickstarter type game, and every major new release by the dev team, also has several major releases by major mod teams working on the game over the following few weeks, giving the game a much larger window of that feeling of freshness. Well thanks for making the game in general, love it, and hope I see it on my PC some day soon. Hassie

I've asked for the same thing before (As I figured it'd be a great way for the community to help contribute to the game), but Andy had said it would add to his workload considerably.

The game used to be on PC, android and IOS. The ladder was littered with cheaters from the PC version as it's much easier to hack PC games than mobile games, this leads to his workload, andy would have to spend a lot of time obfuscate the code making it so memory hacking is harder, and even then it would still be possible.